Canadian Rivian R1T Deliveries Pushed Back To 2023

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
canadian rivian r1t deliveries pushed back to 2023

Rivian R1Ts have slowly been trickling out to customers in the United States, but Canadian Rivian buyers are still waiting and may end up waiting for a lot longer. Rivian reservation holders are reporting that they’ve received delays, pushing their truck deliveries back to the second half of 2023. This is a far cry from Rivian’s intention of delivering trucks in Canada by November 2021. That November 2021 date was pushed back to September 2022, and it looks like now the September 2022 date has been pushed again, to sometime in the second half of 2023.

In the email sent to Canadian Rivian R1T reservation holders, the brand cites supply chain issues and service infrastructure issues as the main reason for the huge pushback. These are the same reasons Rivian gave U.S.-based Rivian R1S reservation holders, as the brand pushed its promised delivery time all the way to December 2022.

Currently, there are only two Rivian R1T’s in Canada, both owned by CEOs and CFOs of the brand. Rivian wanted to deliver at least 15 EVs for the whole country by 2022, but it only succeeded in delivering two. It is also unclear if the brand has applied for CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) certification via Transport Canada, either.

Canadian Rivian reservation holders are nonetheless frustrated, wondering when their cars will show up. They’ve taken to the Rivian owners’ forum to vent. “I think you could make a case study of Rivian’s communications and teach what to absolutely NOT do as a startup,” said one forum member.

Unfortunately, all Canadian Rivian reservation holders can do, is just keep waiting.

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