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There’s no shortage of great, high-performing all-terrain tires on the market today. Just about every major tire manufacturer offers at least one all-terrain tire model, and over the past few years, as American vehicle manufacturers have looked at the performance off-road vehicle segment with growing interest, the competition has grown more stiff than ever before.

But if there are two things counting against most of the well-known all-terrain tire models on the market, they are price and livability. All-terrain tires are, as a rule, comparatively expensive, and they really aren’t all that comfortable. Big, beefy tread blocks and large void areas tend to have that effect on a tire. Naturally then, when an all-terrain tire comes along that manages to be both affordable and everyday-usable, with solid on-road performance, confidence in inclement driving conditions, and ample quietness and comfort, we tend to take notice.

Welcome to the Blackhawk Hiscend HA11.

Here, we’ve highlighted the top five reasons why the Blackhawk Hiscend HA11 might just be the right performance all-terrain tire for your truck or SUV.

1. It Boasts An Effective, Modern All-Terrain Tread Design

It would be no great exaggeration to say that when it comes to all-terrain tires, the tread design makes the tire. And the Blackhawk Hiscend HA11 has a great one. The most obvious tread design feature on the HA11 is the four big stair-step tread grooves, which help evacuate water efficiently and reject stones to keep the tread clear. With that, the Blackhawk HA11 features staggered tread blocks that deliver countless biting edges at multiple angles to help the tire dig into loose terrain, and multi-width shoulder grooves that further benefit wet-weather performance. And for on-road performance in inclement weather, most of the tread blocks boast zig-zagging sipes to increase the tire surface area for more grip.

2. And It Looks Great On Any Truck

Aesthetically, the net result of such a thoughtfully designed all-terrain tread is a serious all-terrain tire that looks the part – not that that’s why we equip off-roadable tires, but it helps. The Blackhawk HA11’s tread blocks create a mesmerizing, aggressive sawtooth-like pattern sure to boost your truck’s curb appeal instantly. Further buoying the tire’s aesthetic appeal is the scalloped shoulder and complex arrangement of alternating rectangular and triangular blocks. The sidewall branding is subtle, giving these design features the space to stand out on their own. Overall, the Blackhawk HA11 is a tire that wears its performance on its sleeve, and that looks every bit as good as it goes.

3. It’s Built To Endure With Up To A 10-Ply Rating

Of course, all of that isn’t worth a thing if the tire doesn’t have the fortitude to last through a bit of off-road abuse. Good news: Blackhawk Tire has thought of that, too. The HA11 is available in a range of different sizes with a variety of load ratings, but at the top of the hierarchy are the light truck-designated sizes with their 10-ply load rating – more than sufficient to endure most anything the average owner is liable to throw at it. These light truck-designated sizes all boast an impressive half-inch of tread depth for lasting performance, and all Blackhawk HA11s feature an extra poly ply and spiral steel bands wrapped around the beads for extra strength and rigidity.

4. And It’s Rated For Severe Snow Service

One of the most alluring things about the Blackhawk HA11? You can count on it to perform year-round. The HA11 has earned the tire industry’s three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMS) symbol, signifying a severe snow service rating on select sizes. In other words, a standardized testing regimen has revealed the Blackhawk HA11 to be competent enough in inclement winter weather that it’s been officially cleared for use in severe winter conditions. Now, that doesn’t make the Blackhawk HA11 – or any other severe snow service-rated tire, for that matter – a suitable substitute for a real bona fide winter tire. But if you happen to get caught out by the sudden reappearance of winter weather, the HA11 is ready with some much-needed peace of mind.

5. Plus, It Offers A Killer Warranty, To Boot

And then, there’s the warranty. The Blackhawk HA11 ships with up to a 40,000-mile limited treadwear warranty in the US. That’s quite competitive for the performance all-terrain tire segment, and it makes the Blackhawk HA11’s aggressive pricing all the more appealing. Frankly, it’s rare to see an all-terrain with this much off-road performance and on-road usability offered at such a reasonable price, with such generous coverage. This treadwear warranty naturally also extends to defects with materials and craftsmanship, although it’s worth noting that light truck-designated HA11 models don’t benefit from the same level of coverage.

To learn more about the Blackhawk Hiscend HA11 all-terrain tire, visit in the US, or in Canada. Staff Staff

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  • Dan Dan on Dec 01, 2022

    I just found these tires in 245 65r 17 at Walmart gor $139 each - great deal!

  • Jeff Jeff on Dec 03, 2022

    Hey Dan, Did you end up going with this tire (or set of tires) for your vehicle? I have my eye on the same listing at Walmart and was curious to hear any initial thoughts you have? Did you have Walmart install (mount and balance) the tires or did you take them elsewhere? Did you get the 40k mi limited warranty as suggested by the manufacturer of these tires? Thank you in advance for any reply you can give.