Hawk Performance Brakes: The Magical Ingredient Your Tuner Car Has Been Missing

AutoGuide.com Staff
by AutoGuide.com Staff

Of all the many vehicle parts and systems that allow your car to stop, go, and change direction reliably and with precision, brakes are among the least understood – and most overlooked – critical systems out there. And look: we get it. Brakes aren’t as immediately flashy and intoxicating as a loud, boisterous V8 or a particularly sharp-looking set of coilovers. When brakes do get shown some love, it’s often more about the appearance of the brakes – big calipers with brightly colored coatings, or the mesmerizing patterns of a drilled and slotted rotor – than it is about the performance.

But whether you’ve got a bone-stock Challenger 392, a heavily modified Camaro, or just about anything else with four wheels and a motor, brakes really should be one of the first enhancements you consider adding to your whip. And few manufacturers do high-performance brakes as well as Hawk Performance.

Hawk Performance was established in Medina, Ohio back in 1990, and has been supplying racing drivers, off-roaders, and regular road-going commuters with first-rate performance braking products ever since. Backed by the engineering, materials science and decades of experience in developing friction materials for aerospace, industrial, military, automotive and motorsports applications parent company Carlisle Brake and Friction brings to the table, we guess you could say they’re experts at making things stick.

All these years later, thousands of drivers are benefitting from the collective knowledge acquired through Hawk Performance’s impressive history in manufacturing high-performance friction materials. The company’s undeniable expertise and strict quality control can all be found in its PC (Performance Ceramic) brake pads.

When it comes to making the best brake pads for the street, it often boils down to two key factors: pedal feel, and dust. The way the brakes respond as you depress the brake pedal, from that initial bite all the way to full-force brake application, has an immediate and material effect on the way you drive, and getting it exactly right is crucial. At the same time, because we’re talking about a high-wear system in which the pads and rotors are quite literally wearing each other down every time you apply the brakes, dust is an inevitable byproduct. Keeping that dust to a minimum, so that the rotor surface stays relatively clear and ready to respond at the next brake application, is critical.

That’s where it helps to seek out pads from an established, reputable manufacturer that knows a thing or two about formulating advanced brake pad compounds. Hawk Performance PC brake pads offer ultra-low dust performance, which means these brake pads last longer than ever. Beyond that, the PC brake pads are also designed to reduce brake noise and vibration without sacrificing performance. As an added bonus, with PC brake pads installed your brake rotors will also last longer.

For the best street performance, we recommend pairing Hawk’s HPS brake pads with the manufacturer’s own Talon high-performance street rotors. They may be built to OEM weight and size specifications for a factory-like fit, but with an effective proprietary curved slot design, advanced G3000 metallurgy, a corrosion-resistant coating, and available cross-drilling for fast heat dissipation, that’s about where the similarities end. They’re suitable for everything from small road cars to heavy duty trucks, and they look every bit as good as they stop.

For track rats and racers, Hawk Performance has something even more special in store, with one of the fullest, most well-developed ranges of motorsport brake pads we’ve ever seen from a manufacturer. And Hawk has the credentials to back up their performance claims, too; the company’s wares are the official brake product for the National Auto Sport Association (NASA), Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), Porsche Club of America (PCA), and even Stadium Super Trucks – a racing series where drivers routinely launch 600-horsepower pickup trucks with massive tires and about two feet of suspension travel off of ramps at 70 miles per hour. Keeping that from turning into an absolute spectacle of twisted metal takes a fair bit of doing.

When it comes to motorsport pads, Hawk Performance offers more than ten different variants for everything from drag racing to endurance, circle track, and dirt track racing. A wide variety of different “general purpose” racing pads even lets you select precisely the sort of bite, release, and torque control characteristics that are right for your race car. Simply put, they’re the perfect complement for high-torque, high-performance sports cars and muscle cars outfitted for racing and autocross.

To find the right Hawk Performance pads and rotors for your car, check out HawkPerformance.com for the full product lineup.

AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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