Polestar Delivered More Than 9,000 Cars In Q3; Is On Track For 50,000 EVs In 2022

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Polestar is really close to its sales target for 2022.

Every manufacturer is doing a mad dash for sales and production for Q4, after seeing Q3’s results. Polestar is no exception, recently the brand shared its Q3 sales results – things look to be set up right for its 50,000 goal, but it’s a tall order. As of the end of Q3, the brand had delivered 9,215 cars worldwide, bringing the brand’s total year-to-date sales numbers to 30,400. Polestar says this is a 100% year-over-year increase compared to 2021 and before.

The company cites COVID-19-related disruptions as the reason for its production crunches. Now, things have eased up a bit even in China, so Polestar expects to really accelerate production. “The majority of Polestar 2 cars set for delivery in Q4 are ready and making their way to our customers in 27 markets around the world, with the fourth quarter set to be our strongest on record yet. I am confident we will meet our target of 50,000 cars for this year,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. With 30,400 units delivered, the brand needs to move not quite 20,000 units, or 100% more than what it did in Q3.

Polestar certainly has overwhelming demand for its vehicles. Fleets like Hertz have made gigantic orders complete with press releases and marking pushes to electrify their fleets. There are plenty of orders to fill; Polestar just needs to produce and ship the vehicles to reservation holders, both fleet and regular customers alike. Like Rivian, Polestar’s delivery targets are lofty but seemingly doable given the ramp-up in Q3.

Polestar says its financial results for Q3 won’t be published until November 11th.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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