The 2024 Honda Prologue Is Honda's First-Ever EV Crossover

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
the 2024 honda prologue is honda s first ever ev crossover

The Honda Prologue has finally been unveiled.

Previously, we’ve only seen stylized sketches of the EV crossover, but Honda’s first US-centric EV crossover offering has finally been unveiled. The Prologue’s styling has stayed pretty true to the stylized sketches; meaning the Prologue is a fairly standard SUV shape with the traditional current-generation Honda cues. Although, there are a few details that are a bit different compared to other Honda models. For example, the rear of the Prologue doesn’t have the “H” logo, instead opting for a spelled-out sans-serif “Honda” script that occupies the rear of the car. Otherwise, the Prologue kind of looks like a bigger Honda CR-V. Not a bad thing.

the 2024 honda prologue is honda s first ever ev crossover

In Honda’s lineup, the Prologue sits directly next to the Honda Passport. Dimensionally, the Prologue’s wheelbase is longer than the CR-V’s, and the crossover is wider, too. Interior-wise, Honda claims the Prologue will have more than 2,900 liters of interior space, which Honda says provides “ample space for passengers and cargo.” To Honda, the CR-V Hybrid will serve as a so-called gateway vehicle to electrified Honda vehicles.

the 2024 honda prologue is honda s first ever ev crossover

Underneath, the Honda Prologue uses the GM Ultium platform. The Ultium platform is the basis of nearly all future GM EVs, and will likely spawn an Acura version alongside this Honda Prologue. We don’t have any mechanical specifications of the Prologue yet, aside from knowing that the crossover will be AWD. Honda says the Prologue will go on sale in 2024, but EVs based on its own self-developed EV architecture won’t enter the market until 2026.

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