Lyft Creates Incentives To Get More Rideshare Drivers In EVs

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Lyft wants its fleet to be 100% electric by 2030.

First up was Uber, partnering with Hertz to provide rideshare drivers with EVs like the Tesla Model 3 for passenger-ferrying use. Now, Lyft is making a concentrated effort to get its drivers into EVs, via incentives.

Firstly, California Lyft drivers who currently have an EV are eligible for an extra $150 per week, so long as they give at least 50 rides, good until the end of 2024. The EV must be registered for use on the platform by the end of 2023, and there’s a payout cap of $8,100.

Then, starting now, Lyft drivers who link their account with EVGo and are of gold or platinum tier status, are eligible for discounts of up to 45% off of DC fast charging. Unlike the first incentive, this one is available nationwide. Also, Lyft is offering up to 7% cashback on its direct debit card for other public charging events. It has also partnered with Wallbox, to give discounts on level 2 home charging units.

All of these things are meant to help the brand reach its goal of only operating EVs by 2030. “Electrifying our transportation network is a crucial step in helping reverse the negative impacts of climate change,” said Paul Augustine, Lyft’s Director of Sustainability, via press release. Lyft knows that cost is one of the biggest hurdles to EV adoption, especially among rideshare drivers. These incentives are designed to make the transition easier. For those drivers who rely on a rental vehicle to rideshare drive, Lyft is adding even more EVs from multiple brands to its Express Drive rental program.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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