Hertz Partners With The City Of Denver To Help Push EV And EV Infastructure

Hertz is really going all-in on this electric car thing.

The rental company has already been adding EVs to its fleets; it famously got into a slight tiff with Elon Musk when it announced its intention to add thousands of Tesla Model 3s to its fleet of rental cars. Hertz has stayed true with its EV push, also adding other models from Chevrolet, Hyundai, Polestar, Kia, and more. But, now Hertz wants to get into the EV infrastructure game, too.

In partnership with the city of Denver, Hertz has announced its new program, called “Hertz Electrifies.” This public-private partnership is “ aimed at accelerating the transition to electric vehicles while creating economic opportunity and environmental benefits for communities,” according to a press release from Hertz. 

What that means in practice, is that Hertz is aiming to get more EVs into the hands of folks who may have used a gas-powered car before. Rideshare drivers and rental cars in the city of Denver may have more of an EV twist. Hertz is increasing EV infrastructure for the city of Denver, too – adding Level 2 and DC fast charging stations at the airport, and other Hertz locations. It’s also partnering with BP Pulse to establish better charging network facilities, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. It’ll even work with local communities, non-profits, and more to create things like, summer jobs and education to, in the company’s words, create a pipeline of qualified workers that can help establish and maintain EV infrastructure. In all, the goal is to establish EV infrastructure, get more EVs on the road (instead of gas-powered vehicles), and reduce carbon emissions. 

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