Bridgestone Turanza EV Grand Touring Tire Promises Good Performance Without Sacrificing Range

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
bridgestone turanza ev grand touring tire promises good performance without

Bridgestone unveils a new tire meant for EVs.

EVs are a little different compared to gas cars. They tend to be heavier, with all of their batteries mounted low. They make torque instantly and are often much quicker than their gas counterparts. Thus, EVs need a specialty tire to rein in their inherently different driving dynamics. Bridgestone’s new Turanza EV Grand Touring tire is meant as a direct OEM replacement for premium EVs, according to the brand.

It seems like Bridgestone has really taken the differences in EV to heart, crafting a tire that specifically addresses the common issues that plague EV tires. It features ENLITEN technology, a feature that Bridgestone says helps “optimize all-season performance, provide longer wear life, and allow for the incorporation of renewable and recycled materials in its tire products.” The tread is meant to stave off wear, but not at the expense of performance, especially in wet conditions. It claims to offer good steering and handling feel, but not compromising rolling resistance. So, range shouldn’t be too affected by the Turanza EV tires. The tire even incorporates a 50% blend of recycled materials.

Bridgestone says it plans to deploy the ENLITEN philosophy and technology across more tire models in its lineup. Coupled with the use of sustainable materials, the tire looks to make an impact on how EV drivers drive, without befouling the environment. Tires make a big difference in how EVs work – it’s great to see more options for savvy and environmentally conscious consumers to choose from.

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