Fully Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ Due To Be Revealed Later This Year

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

This was inevitable, no?

We all knew it was coming sometime soon, but now it’s been officially confirmed. Cadillac is electrifying the Escalade. The fully-electric Escalade will be dubbed “Escalade IQ” and will be released later this year. The official sale of the vehicle is to commence in 2024. It will be Cadillac’s third EV, behind the Lyriq and Celestiq.

This is no doubt, an important model for Cadillac and the EV market as a whole. The vast majority of EVs have been two-row designs, or if a third row is offered, it’s kind of small. Aside from the forthcoming Kia EV9 and Tesla Model X, the Escalade IQ and potential Escalade IQL will be mega-sized EVs with ample space, power, and luxury. The Escalade is currently Cadillac’s best-selling model, so it only makes sense that Cadillac would want to electrify it, helping it to shake its gas-guzzling image.

The EV SUV’s build location isn’t officially confirmed, but we expect the truck to likely be built at GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit. That factory currently builds the GMC Hummer EV, and we think it could make space to assemble the Escalade IQ. Platform-wise, we expect the Escalade IQ to use the same Ultium platform that underpins the Hummer EV, Silverado EV, and all forthcoming GM EV products.

The Escalade IQ isn’t the only EV coming from the brand in 2024, either. Cadillac says this is the first of three EV models due out in 2024, not counting the Celestiq and Lyriq.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

Kevin has been obsessed with cars ever since he could talk. He even learned to read partially by learning and reading the makes and models on the back of cars, only fueling his obsession. Today, he is an automotive journalist and member of the Automotive Press Association. He is well-versed in electrification, hybrid cars, and vehicle maintenance.

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