Polestar's Latest Over-The-Air Update Adds YouTube, Improves Range Assistant Feature

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Polestar’s latest over-the-air update gives drivers some new goodies.EV charging can certainly be a drag. Under the best circumstances, recharging the Polestar 2 from flat to full via a DC fast charging station will take at least 35 minutes. That’s a long time to sit and tweedle your thumbs, but Polestar’s latest over-the-air update adds key functionality to its infotainment setup. Drivers awaiting their cars to finish charging won’t be so bored, because YouTube has been added to Polestar’s infotainment screen.

Obviously, the addition of YouTube significantly cuts the boredom associated with charging, but the latest OTA update adds other features. Apple CarPlay’s Apple Maps data can now be reflected in the car’s driver display. Other CarPlay media and phone information will be reflected on the home tile.

Also, the vehicle’s range assistant has been updated to be more helpful to drivers. Drivers can now monitor their efficiency over the last 20, 40, or 100 miles. The more granular data will help drivers adjust their driving style to get the most efficiency while driving. Similarly, the algorithm that calculates the projected real-world range has been improved.

“We know how much our customers look forward to over-the-air upgrades and I am convinced this one will be well received,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. This is the 20th OTA update the brand has pushed out to its vehicles. Listening to clientele, and adding new features over time is one way Polestar tries to keep its customers happy. The new P2.9 update will be installed automatically in all new Polestars, and will soon be available in existing cars very soon.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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