Should You Put Nitrogen In Your Car’s Tires?

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Air typically features about 78 percent nitrogen, so why should you pay more to fill your car’s tires with pure nitrogen? Is there a tangible reason to spend more on this or are dealerships and auto shops just blowing hot air? Continue Reading...

Ford’s 2013 SEMA Cars: Mustang Muscle, Pint-Sized Performance

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Ford is showing off a host of modified models at this year’s annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The massive event kicks off in just a few short weeks and the Blue Oval’s offerings run the gamut from Mustang muscle to pint-sized to performance. Continue Reading...

HRE Wheels Plays Host to Southern California’s Finest Rides – Mega Gallery

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Many car enthusiasts believe that Southern California is the place to be if you love cars, and HRE Wheels proved that point at its annual open house yesterday at its headquarters in Vista, CA. Continue Reading...

TGIF[R-S]: New Tires, Faster Car

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“The car just comes alive with a nice set of tires.” Those are the words of Toyota VP Bob Carter, which were ringing in my ear after a chat I had with him at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Continue Reading...

Nitto Goes Mainstream With a Performance All-Season Tire That Can Handle Winter

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Nitto Tires makes its presence known in the enthusiast community, interacting with motorsport fans and weekend warriors. However, the company now feels it’s time to break ground with consumers by offering more mainstream products. Working closely with its enthusiast base, Nitto has managed to deliver a pair of new tires, the first designed to be… Continue Reading...