Your Insurance Renewal Questions—Answered!

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Do you tend to stay on cruise control when it comes to renewing your auto insurance? You could be leaving money on the table if you aren’t taking the time to shop around for the best rates and coverage tailored to your needs.   We’ve answered some of the most pressing questions out there to… Continue Reading...

Vehicle Data – Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Share It

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Data. It’s changing the world, from smartphones to airlines to connected appliances, every industry needs information to survive. Customers demand personalized experiences and businesses demand analytics to make the right decisions, from “anytime, anywhere” home delivery services to industrial manufacturing. Without a doubt though, very few applications can match the advantages you gain when you… Continue Reading...

2023 Toyota Sequoia: New Style and Powertrain for the Toyota’s Full-Size SUV

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In this country, there’s a large market for large SUVs and manufacturers are more than happy to appease these customers. Shoppers in this category seek a machine which can carry three rows of passengers, tow several thousand pounds, and has more than enough power to merge safely on the highway. For 2023, Toyota has reupped… Continue Reading...

Are You Properly Insured for Ride Share Driving?

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If you’ve entered the rideshare side hustle game, or are considering it, you’re not alone.  More than one million Americans are already driving for at least one of the two big rideshare companies, Uber, and Lyft. You’ll need to think about your ride as well as gas prices and more vehicle maintenance, but are you… Continue Reading...

The 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2019 Mostly Weren’t Cars

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The numbers are in, and they confirm what we already knew: everybody is buying crossovers (and trucks). America bought 17.1 million vehicles in 2019, according to Edmunds. That was a slight decrease over the previous year, but it was enough to set a record as the fifth consecutive year of sales totalling over 17 million…. Continue Reading...