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This state owned and operated automaker builds mostly commercial vehicles such as buses, but also has joint ventures producing Hyundai’s and Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Bejing Auto purchased the tooling and rights to produce SAAB cars, which will go on sale sometime in 2012.

New Saab Cars Set to Debut at Beijing Auto Show

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Back in 2009, Beijing Auto was able to purchase the rights to several Saab platforms, engines and transmissions. Now that buyout will result in the C70, set to debut at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. Alright, so it’s not actually a new Saab per se, but the C70 is one of three Saab-based models that… Continue Reading...

China’s BAIC in Bid to Buy Pininfarina

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BAIC currently owns the tooling, intellectual property and powertrain technology from the current Saab 9-3, which it purchased from General Motors and is already working on several new cars based on this platform, a new Pininfarina styled 9-3 could be one of them. Continue Reading...

Breaking: GM Sells Old Saab Platform Rights to China’s Beijing Auto

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General Motors has reached an agreement to sell off part of its struggling Saab division to China’s Beijing Auto (BAIC). The deal would see BAIC take control of Saab’s rights assets and tooling assets of the past 9-5 and 9-3 models in order to build those vehicles in China. Saab’s future has been uncertain for… Continue Reading...

Report: Beijing Auto Hardly a Savior for Saab

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Yesterday’s positive news for the Saab faithful has once again been met with the grim reality of the Swedish automaker’s situation. Just 24 hours ago news emerged that China’s Beijing Auto (which supported the Koengisegg-led purchase of Saab) had secured $2.93 billion in loans from the Chinese government – which would presumably be used to… Continue Reading...