Ferrari is an Italian high end performance car maker with a rich history in racing. Ferrari builds so called super cars that offer race car handling and agility in a street legal package. Ferrari has some iconic models such as the Enzo, and F40. Upcoming models to watch: F12 Berlinetta

10 Surprisingly Affordable Used Supercars

Just like anything else, supercars suffer from depreciation, which is good news for you!

2 months ago

Coronavirus: When Each Automaker Will Restart US Production

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New Ferrari Patent Hints at Halo Design for Road Cars

We've uncovered another Ferrari patent. It's not a joystick this time, but it's something similar to what we've seen in…

2 years ago

Ferrari Joystick Patent Gives Whole New Meaning to ‘Driving Stick’

Ferrari has a completely different take on how owners can drive its sports cars, at least judging by a new patent…

2 years ago