An American start up company which specializes in range extended electric vehicles. Fisker is still young and trying to build a name for itself by offering sporty electric vehicles. Models to watch: Karma, Surf, Atlantic

Top 10 Upcoming EVs

The coming year is going to be a big one for battery electric vehicles. (more…)

2 months ago

Fisker Announces Ocean EV Pricing, Starts at $37,499

Fisker has taken the wraps off its Ocean urban electric crossover to kick off the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in…

2 years ago

Fisker Ocean Electric Crossover Reservations Start At $250

Fisker has revealed an ambitious price point for its upcoming Ocean all-electric luxury crossover, starting with a low (refundable) deposit…

2 years ago

Chinese Automakers Could Seriously Shake Up the Auto Industry

Like it or not, the Chinese are already playing a significant role in the North American automotive business.

5 years ago