Honda Unveils a Better Airbag

  Of the roughly 25,000 souls that perish inside a car on American roadways each year, roughly a quarter of…

2 years ago

Where is Hyundai From and Where are Hyundais Made?

Hyundai's factory in South Korea is the largest auto plant in the world.

3 years ago

5 Things We Learned About the Porsche Mission E

We went to the annual Porsche state of the union and learned a few things about the automaker's first electric…

4 years ago

Here’s How Audi Plans to Scrap the Assembly Line

Modular assembly concept contrasts assembly line process that's been key to car-making for more than 100 years.

5 years ago

An Homage to the Dodge Viper: Taking My Car Back to its Birthplace

The people who make this car are proud, and it's a family I'm proud to be part of.

5 years ago

Faraday Future To Build ‘Mini Plant’ In Las Vegas

The automaker plans to be producing cars in the Nevada plant by early 2018.

5 years ago

Donald Trump Threatens the Canadian Auto Industry

The incoming Trump administration could possibly tax Canadian made cars at the same rate as Mexican ones. (more…)

5 years ago

An Inside Look at the Ford GT Factory as the First Model Rolls Off the Line

It may look and feel very different from the exotic locales of Maranello or Sant'Agata, but it's clear that what's…

5 years ago