Five Things Ken Block Likes Most About the Ford Fiesta ST – Video

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It was a sunny afternoon early in the fall when a mechanical howl rang through an almost empty parking lot as Ken Block bounced his engine off the rev limiter. A small crowd watched from behind a concrete barrier as he, the car and a queasy-looking passenger charged through a closed course. Continue Reading...

Red Bull’s Mad Mike and His Mazda RX-7 Drift Crown Range in New Zealand – Video

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With 47 corners across almost 6.5 miles, the Crown Range in New Zealand is the country’s highest paved roadway at an elevation of 3,530 feet. Continue Reading...

Ken Block Takes AutoGuide for an Afternoon Drift

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Anyone familiar with Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos knows just how well he can smoke a set of tires and AutoGuide had the chance during this year’s SEMA Show to go along for a ride. Continue Reading...