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Report: Pontiac G8 Has No Future at New GM Says Lutz

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Yesterday we urged GM CEO Fritz Henderson to sit down with his new Vice Chairman Bob Lutz to get their stories about the future of the Pontiac G8 straight. Now they have, and the news isn’t good. Bob Lutz posted on GM’s corporate Fastlane Blog that the G8 will not live on as the Chevrolet… Continue Reading...

Report: Pontiac G8 Future as Chevrolet Caprice Back in Doubt

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Perhaps General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson and his newly appointed Vice Chairman Bob Lutz should sit down, have a talk and get their stories straight. After consistently saying that the Pontiac G8 would be eliminated with the rest of the Pontiac brand, it seemed as though Henderson had a change of heart after his newly… Continue Reading...

Report: Pontiac G8 to Live On as Chevrolet Caprice

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Calling the Pontiac G8 “Too good to waste,” GM’s new product boss, Bob Lutz, has just announced that the car will live on, rebadged as a Chevrolet Caprice. The news comes as a surprise, considering GM’s CEO Fritz Henderson has been unwavering in his insistence that the car would be eliminated from the New GM. Apparently… Continue Reading...
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