2011 tokyo auto salon

2012 Nissan GT-R RC ‘Racing Competition’ Unveiled

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When Nissan fist unveiled the updated 2012 GT-R back in October, the Japanese automaker announced a total of six different models. Now you can add one more to that list thanks to the GT-R RC… that’s Racing Competition. Build by Nissan’s in-house NISMO motorsports division, this track-only model loses plenty of weight thanks to an… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: TES Concept T-Sports Previews Baby FT-86

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Hardly the most attractive car on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the TES Concept T-Sports might be one of the most exciting for regular folks in search of an affordable sports car. Since the first introduction of Toyota‘s FT-86 Concept, rumors have surfaced that the cost of development of the car has risen and… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Lexus CT200h Gets F-Sport Treatment So It Can be Cool Too

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First debuting at the Australian International Auto Show, Lexus rolled out the CT200h F-Sport model as part of its display at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon. Unlike the IS-F Club Performance Accessory or the IS-F CCSR, this F-Sport model is confirmed for production. Taking the new Lexus hybrid hatchback to a more dynamic level, the… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Subaru Trezia STI is no FT-86

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Looking forward to Subaru‘s version of the Toyota FT-86 Concept? Sure you are! But what if you could get your hands on another STI-tuned Toyota-derived Subie. Um….. maybe not. Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Trezia STI gets an overhaul by the legendary Subaru Technica Institute. Never heard of the Trezia? We don’t blame… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: RH9 (Record Holder 9) Display Brings Together Japan’s Top Tuners

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If you’re looking for the VIP section at the Tokyo Auto Salon, this is it. The RH9 Club, is a loose network of tuner shops that have built Nissan GT-Rs that can run a 9 second quarter mile or faster. As the legend goes, the shops all meet and discuss tuning ideas and even build… Continue Reading...

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011: HSV-010 GT Represents Honda Racing in Tokyo

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A year ago Honda officially announced the introduction of the HSV-010 GT race car, the company’s successor to the NSX in the Japanese Super GT Series. A purpose-built race car with a 500-hp 3.4-liter V8 engine, sadly, no production car will ever be derived from the HSV-010. That new is all the more disappointing when… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Top Secret Nissan GT-R, Honda CR-Z

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It wouldn’t be the Tokyo Auto Salon without an appearance by a few specific tuners and that list includes Top Secret. Best known for building unmistakably gold high-powered machines – like the Toyota Supra – the Top Secret display in Tokyo this year includes a stunning Nissan GT-R. Sporting a special aero kit (including a… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Joy Worx Truck is What the F#ck

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One reason to attend the annual Tokyo Auto Salon tuner show is to see Japanese Domestic Market vehicles extensively modified by some of the best aftermarket companies in the business. A second reason is to have a good laugh. A car culture that can deliver the NSX and GT-R, is also responsible for 1980s-era Transformers-styled… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Goodyear Racing Debuts Toyota Mark X Drift Car

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Over in Japan, the Lexus GS is sold as the Toyota Mark X, meaning that you can get the rear-drive sedan at a more affordable price. While not exactly the most dynamic diver’s car, the folks at Goodyear Racing though it would be perfect for their new race car – if you can consider the… Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Impul 651S is a Very Custom Infiniti M37

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Nissan/Infiniti tuner Impul chose the Tokyo Auto Salon to make the public debut of its new 651S tuning package for the new Infiniti M luxury sedan. While some of the aerodynamic modifications aren’t to out taste, thankfully Impul isn’t just some plastic-fantastic shop. They actually offer a full line of modifications. Shown on this car… Continue Reading...
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