Ram Laramie Limited Priced at $45,700

The Ram Laramie Limited debuted at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show offering some luxurious options from Dodge subsidiary, Ram for the popular pickup.

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Audi RS5 Visits Chicago Auto Show Goer's Garage, With Friends

A busy auto show can feel less like a civilized venue and more like a petting zoo, depending on how many people crowd in.

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Sports Illustrated Bikini Model Undresses Laramie Limited in Video

There’s a new teaser video for the RAM Laramie Limited pickup on YouTube, featuring the same scantly clad bikini babe as last week, but with more automotive footage.

Dodge‘s truck division released a teaser video last week, but the footage showed little more than a bodacious bikini model stepping from the ocean.

Captions after the actual video revealed that the new line will be featured in conjunction with this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, but that was all the info we got.

It turns out that the footage is of RAM’s new Laramie Limited pickup, which we reported on during our coverage of this year’s Chicago Auto Show. Coincidentally, our pictures have a pretty girl in them too, but we’re guessing our photos probably can’t compete with a soaking-wet supermodel, so have a look for yourself after the jump.

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Kia Track'ster Birth Chronicled on Video

The Kia Track’ster was arguably the most interesting new vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show this year. Based on the Kia Soul, this compact racer has undeniable good looks.

The Track’ster took nine months to design, but the end product is evidence of the designers efforts. This video walks through every step of the process which takes quite a few people’s input into account.

Concept designs are some of the hardest work car companies will put in because each piece needs to be designed and manufactured by hand. Then, once all the parts are made, each piece is checked over to make sure it perfectly fits the specifications it was built to. Once the car is assembled it is gone over with a fine-toothed comb to check for errors. The process is gruelling and puts any company’s commitment to the test.

Watch the video of the making of the Kia Track’ster after the jump.

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2012 Chicago Auto Show Video Wrap Up

You don’t have to actually step inside the Chicago Auto Show to see the sites.

AutoGuide’s video crew was on hand to cover all the major debuts, from the new Acura ILX to the wild Kia Track’ster Concept (above). See all the videos below and be sure to check out our complete coverage here.

Watch all the videos below:

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Cadillac ATS to Get Torque Vectoring

Cadillac Global Vehicle Line Executive, Dave Leone, recently disclosed at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show that future models of their new ATS will offer a torque-vectoring system in either its rear- or all-wheel drive configurations.

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2013 GMC Acadia Recycling Old Saturn Parts

GMC unveiled their 2013 Acadia crossover at the Chicago Auto Show last Tuesday, but they didn’t mention during the presentation that they sourced parts for their refreshed model from unusable Saturn Outlooks.

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Top 10 Cars to See at the Chicago Auto Show

Whether you’re heading to the Chicago Auto Show and want to know what to check out, or your trip is a bit more virtual, AutoGuide editors have compiled a list of the must-sees at this year’s event.

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2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible Video, First Look: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

This is what 650 hp blowing through your hair looks like. To know what it feels like, well, you’ll have to buy Ford’s new 2013 Shelby GT500 Convertible… or wait for our review.

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2013 Nissan 370Z Video, First Look: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Nissan has revealed a modest refresh of its 370Z sports car for 2013, with a new front fascia and some notably wild new wheels. In addition upgrades have been made to the Sport package, to improve performance and add some extra flare.

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RAM Laramie Limited Adds Distinction: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Ram‘s new Laramie Limited luxury package pickup bowed yesterday at the  2012 Chicago Auto Show in true American fashion: with a pretty girl smiling at its’ side.

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Video – 2013 GMC Acadia, Acadia Denali First Look: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

As planned GMC unveiled its refreshed Acadia SUV at the Chicago Auto Show this week, but the GM truck division also prepared a surprise.

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Video – 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Expanding the Elantra range, Hyundai has unveiled a coupe version of its popular Elantra sedan at the Chicago Auto Show.

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Video – 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT First Look: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Hyundai‘s old Elantra Touring was a function-first vehicle, targeted against cars like the Toyota Matrix. Now Hyundai is switching gears, replacing that small wagon with the Elantra GT (that’s Grand Touring), a hatchback built to compete against fun cars like the Mazda3, Ford Focus hatchback and VW Golf.

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2012 Mopar Jeep Compass "True North:" 2012 Chicago Auto Show

We got an up close and personal look at the Mopar’s take on the Jeep Compass, which they call the “True North” edition, today at the Chicago Auto Show.

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