2013 autoguide car of the year

TGIF[R-S]: New Tires, Faster Car

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“The car just comes alive with a nice set of tires.” Those are the words of Toyota VP Bob Carter, which were ringing in my ear after a chat I had with him at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Continue Reading...

TGIF[R-S]: Toyota Details GT86 Development Speedbumps

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This week’s installment of TGIF[R-S] isn’t about me, or my car, but about how the 2013 AutoGuide.com Car of the Year came to be, thanks to a post I stumbled across on the Toyota UK blog. Continue Reading...

2013 AutoGuide.com Car of the Year: the Scion FR-S

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The AutoGuide.com Car of the Year has to be a stand-out winner among its competitors, and whether it’s a compact car, a luxury sedan or a sports car, it must set new benchmarks in its class. It must also be an important car, for the automaker, for consumers and for the automotive history books. Continue Reading...