Eric Clapton Bespoke Ferrari Officially Unveiled

Eric Clapton loves Ferraris. The guitar playing legend has owned quite a few of the Italian sports cars over the years, and his newest purchase from the company is a  completely bespoke model, built to fit Clapton’s specifications. 

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Ferrari 458, California Recalled for Crankshaft Fix

The Ferrari 458 is being recalled again, but not for catching on fire this time.

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Ferrari 458 Spyder Tuning Package Adds Horsepower, Style and Speed

If nothing else, driving a Ferrari 458 Spyder commands attention, but tuner Novitec Rosso insists that’s not enough. It just announced a new tuning package that makes the car lighter, faster and more aerodynamic to allow a 200 mph top speed.

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Ferrari 458 Special Edition Celebrates 20th Anniversary in China

Black and yellow prancing pony badges have been available in the Chinese car market for 20 years and Ferrari is celebrating the anniversary.

To mark its growing success in the country, the automaker announced the inauguration of a permanent brand exhibition at the Italia Center of the Shanghai World Expo Park. Covering almost two square miles, it designed five specific themes to showcase at the venue.

Between the dedicated Ferrari in China, green technology, product, design, and racing wings, visitors will not only get to see current and past ferrari models, but will also get to admire a rich selection of images and videos made for the exhibition.

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Ferrari 458 Italia Accident Censored by Chinese Government

A horrible accident involving a Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder occurred in Beijing, leaving the driver dead and his two passengers seriously injured — both female.

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Nissan Juke-R Takes On German And Italian Exotics [Video]

We just can’t get enough of the Nissan Juke-R project, and probably won’t until we get our grubby little hands behind its steering wheel. But until then, we’ll just have to continue living vicariously through those fortunate enough to experience the monster first hand.

While it was in Dubai to pace the 24 Hour race, Nissan took its Juke-R out to the Dubai International Marina where a makeshift course was created and the funky Japanese crossover was pitted against a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and a Ferrari 458 Italia. You know, just some of Germany and Italy’s finest supercars.

Now it goes without saying that we’d expect the Juke-R to look mighty impressive in the video against the exotics since it was probably staged by Nissan. But there’s no denying just how remarkable its performance looks and how undoubtedly fun it was for Lucas Ordonez, the first GT Academy winner, to pilot it. And obviously by watching the video, the drivers were putting on a show more than they were looking for a fast lap time.

We just hope a better resolution video surfaces soon.

Check out the video below.

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Ferrari 458 Grand Am Set To Debut At Daytona 24 Hours

Ferrari confirmed the debut of their 458 Grand Am would happen at this year’s Daytona 24 Hours, set to begin on January 26th at Florida’s Daytona International Speedway. Derived from the GT3 variant of the 458, the Grand Am race car was developed in collaboration with Michelotto and aimed at the American series.

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Watch a Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Destroy a Lamborghini Aventador in a Drag Race [Video]

Underground Racing’s Ferrari 458 Italia has been twin-turbocharged and packs 700-whp. Lamborghini‘s Aventador LP700-4 delivers 700-hp from the factory, so obviously it makes perfect sense to pit the two Italian exotics against one another in one awesome video.

Though the “racing” in the video isn’t exactly perfect in terms of judging which vehicle is truly better or faster, it’s worth watching to hear the sonorous note of two if Italy’s finest exotics.

The 458 features Underground Racing’s Stage 1 bolt-on turbo kit taking the factory 562-hp to a 700-whp on 93-octane pump gas. If you’re not aware of just how big a difference there is between 700-hp and 700 horsepower at the wheels, this video should clear things up pretty fast.

Underground Racing has promised a rematch of the two in the near future, just as soon as it preps a twin-turbo setup for the Aventador’s V12.

Check out the video after the jump:

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Ferrari 458 Spider is Beautifully Awesome in New Promo Video

Italy is one of the most beautiful and scenic countries in the world and when paired up with one of the most exotic creations from the country, you’re guaranteed to have a breathtaking video. Highlighting Ferrari‘s new 458 Spider, the red drop-top beauty races through the Amalfi Coast, at Reggia di Caserta and other picturesque locations throughout the Basilicata region.

While for most of us having the opportunity to drive a 458 Spider is good enough, being able to pilot its 562-hp, 4.5L V8 along the Mediterranean Sea is probably towards the top of our bucket list. So sit back, hit play and listen to the sonorous note of the Spider’s exhaust that has been tuned to sound even better with the roof open. No arguments from us.

Check out the video after the break.

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Covers Come Off Ferrari 458 Spider [Frankfurt Auto Show 2011]

Ferrari lifted the covers off the new 458 Spider featuring an aluminum retractable roof that opens and closes in 14 seconeds.

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Ferrari 458 Spider Makes Private Debut Ahead of Frankfurt Reveal [Video]

Ferrari recently held a private unveiling for the new 458 Spider in Maranello and Teamspeed member GrayTT was on hand to capture the action. And in true Ferrari form, the Italian automaker brought out three 458 Spiders, one in red, one in yellow and one in black. All three Spiders feature Ferrari’s fully retractable hard top which is a world’s first in a sports car with this type of layout.

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Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Italia Channels the Spirit of the F40

Twin turbo experts in everything from Dodge Vipers to Lamborghini Gallardos, Heffner Performance has introduced a “bolt-on” twin-turbo system for the Ferrari 458, boasting that it’ll increase the factory horsepower rating by 257 ponies, bringing it up to an astonishing 820-hp. Perhaps more shocking is that Heffner claims the setup can do all this on just 5-psi of boost… and on pump gas.

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Ferraris of Concorso Italiano [Car Porn]

It may be called Concorso Italiano, but it might as well be the Ferrari Festival with prancing horses from all decades the overwhelming exotic car of choice at the annual event. Held the past several years at the Laguna Seca Golf Course, we’ve snapped just a selection of the incredible machinery on display in the hopes of providing a glimpse into just how extravagant this event really is.

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Building A Sophisticated Ferrari Engine [Video]

Technology has significantly impacted the automotive sector especially when cars are produced in the factory. Computers and robotic platforms assemble engines and build the cars without much help from workers. However Ferrari has a different take on production, with their engines being entirely hand-built.

This video shows the buildup of a 458 Italia engine starting with assembling the crankshaft and ending with the installation of the cam covers. The 11 minute video is a walkthrough of the Maranello facility, with interviews from many members of the Ferrari team. Each of the workers explain their task to produce the 4.5-liter V8. It’s nice to see something made by hand for a change.

Check out the video after the jump!

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Ferrari Posts Record Sales for First Half of 2011

Ferrari announced today that the first six months of 2011 have been the best in the company’s history. The Italian automaker posted a record revenue of $1.1 billion for the first six months of this year and delivered a record 3,577 units or 11.8 percent more than the first half of 2010. Sales also increased in the U.S by 23.9 percent to 939. Chinese sales have increased 116 percent to 378 vehicles.

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