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AMS Nissan GT-R Hits New Quarter Mile Record: 9.192 @ 163.12-mph

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The reality of a fully streetable 8-second Nissan GT-R just got a whole lot closer. AMS took their Alpha 10 GT-R demo car back to the quarter mile after their 9.33 pass to lay down an amazing 9.192 @ 163.12 mph track time. Now obviously going from 9.33 to 9.192 is easier than going from… Continue Reading...

Switzer Performance R1K Nissan GT-R Fastest, But Not Quickest: 9.38 @ 155.29-MPH

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Switzer Performance announced their Nissan GT-R R1K kit earlier last month, claiming 1,005-awhp through their custom package sporting a pair of Garrett watercooled turbochargers and C16 fuel. And it seems with AMS and SP Engineering all scooping around the 1,000-awhp range, we knew the competition would heat up once these cars hit the actual track… Continue Reading...

SP Engineering Sets New Nissan GT-R Quarter-Mile Record [with Video]

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The Nissan R35 GT-R is making a whole lot of news these days with aftermarket tuners really starting to make Porsche’s Nürburgring nemesis into something even more amazing. After conquering every twisted-track in the world, in true American fashion, different U.S.-tuners are turning the Japanese sports car into a straight line bullet. Late in March,… Continue Reading...

AMS Nissan GT-R is First GT-R to Run a 9-Second Quarter Mile Pass

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AMS Performance, based out of West Chicago, IL are no strangers to the track. They have dominated all facets of motorsports from road racing to drag racing. They’re known for building some of the strongest engines known to mankind, perfecting their techniques across several makes and models. While the Nissan GT-R, much like many Porsche… Continue Reading...