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Porsche GT3 R Hybrid to Hit Race Tracks Again in 2012

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Porsche is determined to improve their hybrid technologies and the best place to do that is on the race track. For the 2012 race season, Porsche has further developed its 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car, and will be putting it to the test once again. Exactly where or when, however, has not been revealed…. Continue Reading...

Upgraded Porsche 911 GT3 R On Sale This November

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While some may accuse Porsche for having the most lazy designers who rather than invent something completely different, just softly modify their cars year after year, the same cannot be said of its e ngineers. Its engineers are constantly trying to improve the cars dynamics, making it faster and handle better. Those in the market… Continue Reading...

Report: Porsche Launches 480-hp GT3 R Race Car

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Sometimes we wonder if Porsche builds more different versions of race cars than street cars. It only makes sense though, as the automaker’s impressive 911s (and other models) all get their road-hugging abilities from the company’s track expertise. Today Porsche is introducing the new 911 GT3 R, which is designed to run in the FIA… Continue Reading...