Audi Announces 13 Billion Investment Plans

That €13 billion will mostly go towards new technology, but the company is also looking to add about 1,200 new specialists to their team in 2012. That number is in addition to the 3,500 new employees the company added this year. Audi plans to find the fresh blood by offering permanent contracts to students from vocational academies and StEP program (Study and Experience in Practice) students once they finish their training.

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2012 Audi A8 Hybrid Revealed With a 4-Cylinder Engine
Detroit 2010: Audi Q5 and A8 Hybrid Coming This Year

During a press conference that focused on Audi’s E-Tron electric concept, the German automaker didn’t give much time to hybrid technology – except to add on that hybrid versions of the Q5 and A8 are coming…. soon.

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