ABT Sportsline Builds Speedle, A Rad Volkswagen Beetle

Famed tuner ABT Sportsline has now taken their turn with the new Volkswagen Beetle, putting plenty of blood, sweat and tears into refining the fun automobile. As the world’s largest tuner of Volkswagens, it’s natural to see ABT Sportsline adding some spice to the agile and fun Beetle, which ABT has nicknamed Speedle. Unfortunately exact specs on the power upgrades haven’t been finalized yet, but ABT did release the power gains they expect to make from the various models.

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ABT Sportsline Opens Large Showroom In Beijing

The largest Volkswagen and Audi tuner in Europe has intelligently set their eyes on the young and rapidly growing automotive market in China. With China’s exponential growth in the auto industry for the past couple of years, the aftermarket is growing too, despite China trying very hard to restrict vehicle modification. As Audi and Volkswagen continue to focus on this market, ABT Sportsline will now have their presence known in Beijing with their largest showroom outside of their headquarters in Kempten.

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ABT Sportsline Offers Luxury Accessories For The Audi A7

Audi‘s answer to Mercedes‘ CLS has been growing in popularity and now certain aftermarket tuners are offering enthusiasts options for the A7 much like Brabus has for the CLS. One of the major Audi tuners, ABT Sportsline, is now offering a styling kit and performance upgrades for various A7 models, enhancing horsepower and aesthetics to fulfill the search for a sporty, yet luxurious, driving experience.

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ABT Sportsline Debuts Chrome Red Audi R8 GT S

ABT Sportsline perhaps stole a part of the show at Geneva with their R8 GT S, their take on Audi’ s R8 Spyder. Featuring a beautiful chrome red exterior, ABT Sportsline clearly aimed to grab the attention of the public with the contrasting carbon fiber components and the overall sinister red-and-black theme throughout the vehicle.

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ABT R8 GT R to Make U.S. Debut at 2010 SEMA Show

ABT Sportsline has teamed up with their North American Distributor, GGI European Tuning, to release 25 limited edition Audi R8 GT R‘s to the public. The official North American debut will take place at this year’s SEMA Show. The popular Volkswagen and Audi tuner, ABT Sportsline, has taken the 5.2L FSI R8 to a whole new level, pushing horsepower from the factory 525-hp to an astonishing 620-hp in their GT R variant.

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ABT Sportsline Makes 'Choose Your Own Adventure' YouTube Series

We’ve seen some really clever stuff coming out of online video production these days, but Audi-tuner ABT Sportsline may have just taken the prize for innovative design and viral marketing.

For those that remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, the concept is similar – just in an interactive and virtual environment. Essentially ABT Sportsline did a series of YouTube videos with each one offering a decision that seamlessly links you to the next video. The result? You get to control good ‘ol Carolin Winter as she makes a decision on which personalized Audi A1 to purchase.

There are three results that ABT is showcasing through these videos, the Klecks, Aloha and High Voltage. Through a series of step-by-step decisions ranging from speaking to the receptionist or sneaking past her (cleverly using an ABT AS5 for discrete cover), to enjoying an espresso or venturing forward to the three modified Audi A1s from ABT Sportsline.

We thought it was a pretty clever way to market their modified Audi A1s to the masses, and if anything, it’s pretty entertaining to control the fate of a young female. Get your mind out of the gutter please.

Check out the video after the jump:

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ABT Sportsline Audi TT-RS Throws Down 501-Horsepower

ABT Sportsline has been tinkering around with Audi‘s newest TT-RS for a while now, debuting a power package back in September 2009 that helped put down 420-hp from the roadster. An 80-hp increase from the factory 340-hp, most would think that would be enough to keep everyone happy. But ABT Sportsline wouldn’t be ABT Sportsline if they didn’t find a way to break the 500-hp mark.

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ABT Sportsline Tunes New Audi A8

Well well, ABT Sportsline didn’t waste any time on this one did they? Even though Audi just released the 2011 A8, ABT already has a fantastic tuning package available for it. The German Audi-tuner says their A8 is a sports car in a classy outfit and we can’t help but to agree.

Let’s start with the exterior where ABT has transformed the luxury sedan with a subtle front spoiler, side skirts and three piece rear wing. There is also a new rear diffuser with exhaust covers. All of the exterior accessories are much like ABT Sportsline’s other aesthetics for other vehicles: mild and subtle. Nothing over the top, which is expected especially on the A8 sedan. ABT also offers a selection of 20- or 21-inch wheels.

Under the hood, ABT also pushes out 35 additional horsepower (350 to 385) and raises torque from 590 ft-lbs to 650 ft-lbs on the 4.2-liter turbo-diesel. There’s no word yet on tuning options for the 500-hp W12.

Overall, it’s a nice, clean and simple option for those with A8s looking to enhance their vehicle without going too crazy.

GALLERY: ABT Sportsline Audi A8

Check out the press release after the break.

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Geneva 2010: ABT Sportsline Tunes Golf R to 310-hp

Leave it to Germany’s largest and most popular Volkswagen tuner to take something as cool as the brand new Golf R and make it even better! With VW’s 4MOTON all-wheel drive and a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder the Golf R is already seriously badass, but ABT has tuned the 2.0 TFSI engine to 310-hp, allowing for a 0-62 mph time of just 5.2 seconds.

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Geneva 2010: ABT Sportsline Audi R8 GTR Uncovered

There’s an embargo on all the details surrounding ABT Sportsline’s G8 GTR supercar, but we were able to snap some photos of the wild machine uncovered a day ahead of its official debut at the Geneva Auto Show.

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Geneva Preview: ABT Sportsline Teases R8 GTR Ahead of Debut

Ahead of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show next week, ABT Sportsline has released a few teaser images of its hard-core version of the V10-powered R8 5.2. Called the ABT R8 GTR, this German exotic is based off the modified R8 5.2 that ABT brought to Geneva last year, and boasts the same V10 under the hood, which has been tuned to 600-hp.

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Geneva Preview: ABT Sportsline to Show Light-Weight Audi R8 GTR With 600-hp

Germany’s largest and best-known Audi/VW-tuner ABT Sportsline will display three finely-tuned new models, as well as an even more hard-core version of the V10-powered R8 5.2. Called the ABT R8 GTR, this German exotic is based off the modified R8 5.2 that ABT brought to Geneva last year, and boasts the same V10 under the hood, which has been tuned to 600-hp.

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Report: ABT Unleashes 600hp Audi R8

Audi tuner ABT Sportsline has just unleashed a 600hp version of the V10-powered R8. The German tuner isn’t saying much about how it got an extra 75hp from the 5.2-liter V10 engine, other than with the addition of an exhaust system.

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ABT Sportsline Tunes Audi S4 to 425 Horsepower

When Audi first released the new 2010 S4 with a supercharged V6 rather than a V8 we knew it would be a hit with tuners. One of the first companies to get its hands on a new S4 is Abt Sportsline, Germany’s largest VW/Audi tuner and they did not disappoint.

Output has been increased from the standard 333hp to 425hp and torque also gets a significant bump from 325 ft-lbs to 384 ft-lbs. Combined with Audi’s incredible seven-speed DSG gearbox, the sprint to 100km/h (62 mph) takes just 4.6 seconds as compared to 5.1 seconds in the stock Audi.

What might be even more impressive, however, is Abt’s claim that fuel-consumption is not negatively affected.

In addition to these performance modifications, Abt also offers a four-pipe muffler set, as well as AR or BR wheels in anywhere from 18- to 20-inch fitments.


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Audi to Campaign Four R8 GT3 Cars at Nrburgring 24 Hour Race

Audi has its sights set of the Nürburgring 24 Hour race and it intends to not only take home the top spot but perhaps the entire podium as it has announced plans to campaign a fleet of R8 LMS GT3 cars.

Teams ABT Sportsline and Phoenix Racing will bring two cars apiece with factory support from Audi. The 500hp cars are built for racing and Audi has stacked the deck with a long list of some of the greatest drivers in motorsports.

The No. 100 ABT Sportsline car will be piloted by reigning DTM Champion Timo Scheider, along with his DTM teammate Mattias Ekström and three-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner. The second ABT Sportsline car, No. 97, will be driven by Christian Abt, Jean-François Hemroulle, Pierre Kaffer and Lucas Luhr.

As for the two Phoenix Racing  cars, the No. 98 R8 will be driven by Frank Stippler, Mike Rockenfeller and Marc Basseng, a man who has help the Nürburgring fastest lap record several times.

The No. 99 Phoenix Racing R8 will be piloted by Frank Biela, Marcel Fässler, Emanuele Pirro (an Audi Sport R8 and R10 TDI driver) and none other than Hans-Joachim Stuck, a man who has won the Nürburgring 24 Hour race three times.

“The 24 Hours is not only one of the biggest motorsport events in Germany,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “The Nürburgring-Nordschleife is considered one of the world’s toughest and most demanding race tracks. Similar to Sebring for the sports prototypes, it is superbly suited for revealing the final improvement potential of any new race car. This is exactly what we’re planning to do at the 24-hour race before delivering the R8 LMS to customers, starting this fall.”

The 37th running of the Nürburgring 24 Hour race will begin May 23rd and conclude May 24th.

Normally the Nürburgring 24 Hour race is a Porsche dominated affair, but we have a feeling this year might be a little different.

Official release after the jump:

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