Peraves Monotracer MTE-150 Heads to Production With 200-HP – Videos

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize was a global competition that awarded $10-million to three teams that were able to build cars that achieved at least 100-MPGe in real world driving. One of the top three of the competition in 2010 was the E-Tracer 7009, which will now be making its way to production as the Monotracer MTE-150.

The two-seating two-wheeler has a Kevlar monocoque cabin cycle and the production model will feature a third generation drivetrain system from AC Propulsion with 200-hp. In addition, the prize money went to refining the interior of the hand-crafted MTE-150.

According to Peraves’ CEO Roger Riedener, the MTE-150 can get an astonishing 525-MPGe if driven at a steady 45-mph. And if you don’t do a steady 45-mph? The company claims even in more realistic driving environments, the MTE-150 is capable of averaging 350-MPGe. It has about a 200-mile range and apparently can hit 60-mph in less than 5 seconds.

The company hopes to bring one of its production models to America, and more specifically California to hopefully give prospective buyers a closer look.

Watch a series of videos about the Monotracer MTE-150 below.

[Source: CNet]

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