Be Prepared: What To Do Following A Car Accident

When purchasing car insurance, we all hope we’ll never have to use it. And while there are several steps you can take to avoid accidents, the reality is that more than six million car accidents occur every year in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Sooner or later, most of us will experience an accident, be it a fender-bender or a more severe collision. So, what do you do in the aftermath? Committing this information to memory can help keep an incredibly stressful situation from becoming overwhelming, so let’s go through the steps you should take.

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NHTSA May Reopen Investigation Into Jeep Fires

Nearly 3 million older Jeeps may be coming under NHTSA’s microscope once again. The federal agency could reopen an investigation into these vehicles because there have been dozens of gas-tank fires following rear-end crashes.

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Honda Spot Welds 'An Exclusive Technology'

It’s no secret that Honda builds some of the safest vehicles on the road today. Their products consistently perform well in both NHTSA and IIHS crash tests.

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What Are IIHS Ratings?

Sometimes safety takes a back seat to horsepower, vehicle design and luxury amenities but when you’re in a crash it’s really the only thing that matters.

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What to Do After a Crash

Like an addendum to Murphy’s Law, the unforeseen tends to happen when you least expect it; misfortune is like a lot like a combination ninja/cat burglar/stealth bomber. Glance away for a split second and BAM, something bad happens.

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Why Do Car Seats Expire?

This may come as a shock to some drivers, though hopefully NOT ones with kids. Believe it or not children’s car seats actually have expiration dates, though not because they’re made of dairy products or tuna salad.

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2015 Jetta Earns Top Safety Pick+ Rating From IIHS

Volkswagen’s popular Jetta sedan just earned Top Safety Pick+ honors from the Insurance Institute for Highway safety.

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Porsche Sued by Widow of Driver in Paul Walker Crash

Kristine Rodas, widow of Roger Rodas who was killed in the same fiery crash that claimed actor Paul Walker’s life late last year has filed a lawsuit against Porsche claiming the Carrera GT her husband was driving had a faulty suspension part, which resulted in the accident.

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2015 GMC Canyon Adapts to Accept Child Seats

General Motors’ engineers have made life a little less worrisome for parents with small children. 

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Audi A6 Aces Crash Tests, Surprises No One

Safety, apparently it’s important to a lot of people. Who knew? Aside from elegant design and a top-notch interior Audi A6 drivers have something else to crow about; the Bavarian four-door just received a five-star rating from the folks at U.S. NCAP, the highest score available.

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Michael Schumacher 'Fighting for Life' After Ski Accident

Following a skiing accident Sunday morning, German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher remains in critical condition in a coma.

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Austin-Healey From 1955 Le Mans Tragedy Fetches $1-Million

When all the smoke and dust cleared, 83 spectators had died and an additional 120 people were injured. Levegh had also lost his life in this tragic accident.

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Eight Car Pile Up At The Nurburgring

The accident took place on a public lapping day at the “Bergwerk” section, where a construction company was doing some repair work, which is not a great idea especially when novices are out on the track. According to reports, four cars were racing as they approached the construction zone, which according to some was not clearly marked.

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2002-2003 Jeep Liberty Investigated For Premature Airbag Deployment

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Jeep Liberty SUVs built between 2002 and 2003 for an issue regarding the premature deployment of airbags.

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Yabba Dabba Don't: 24-Year Old Tries to Stop Pickup Truck Fred Flintstone Style [Video]
Today’s story exemplifies that what you see in cartoons should not be attempted in real life. Case in point, the 24-year old motorist seen in the video below, who tried to stop his pick-up truck using his feet, Fred Flintstone style.

Other motorists reported the dangerous driver trying to use his feet to stop his pick-up truck, and while according to some witnesses he managed to succeed twice, his luck ran out at the intersection of 13-Mile and Groesbeck Hwy. in Michigan, and collided with two vehicles.

To think that would be enough, this brake-less and brainless driver continued on. A police officer pulled alongside him and suggested he put the truck into park, but that didn’t work either and he collided with two other vehicles.

Apparently the man in question works as a roofer and said he didn’t want to disappoint his customer and was going to his job.

Police haven’t released the name of this ingenious fella, but they arrested him for driving under a suspended license and reckless driving. He was later released on $500 interim bond and will appear before a judge in September.

Watch the video after the jump to see his actions in action.

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