Acura Sports Car Concept From "Avengers" Flick Previews NSX Successor

Spy photos taken at the set of the upcoming Avengers movie is providing us with a glimpse of a future Acura sports car, driven by Robert Downey Junior who plays Iron Man, Tony Stark.

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Integra Badge Revived for New Honda Model With Tiny Engine, Dual-Clutch Transmission

It’s got a small displacement, high-revving engine and it even boasts a dual-clutch transmission, but Honda‘s new Integra isn’t what you’d expect. In fact, it’s not even a car.

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2014 Acura RSX Sedan Confirmed Based on Civic Platform

Rumors of a new compact luxury sedan by Acura have been confirmed with recent spy photos of a “sub-TSX” model.

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New NSX Confirmed by Honda CEO

It’s been rumored, confirmed, re-confirmed, axed and revived. If jaded skepticism about not just the car, but the Honda brand hasn’t gotten to you yet, then rejoice in this latest blissful report that the NSX will return.

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2012 Acura TSX Special Edition Announced

To celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, Acura is producing a Special Edition of the TSX. The TSX Special Edition model will give the popular sedan a sportier, more aggressive look – a good thing, considering the upgrades are all cosmetic.

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Audi Q7 To Lose 650 Pounds, New Crossovers On The Way

Audi is continuing to dump money into the development of its next generation crossovers, with the brand selling 155,000 Q5s globally last year along with 47,700 Q7s. “There is no doubt…that crossovers are still selling like hotcakes even though the trend seems to be shifting toward more compact models,” says Audi chairman Rupert Stadler. The high-riding Q5 and Q7 will go on a serious diet for their next-generation.

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Acura TSX Might Be Dropped From Lineup in Product Shuffle

When the Acura TSX first went on sale in North America it broke with convention, proving a luxury sports sedan could not only use a 4-cylinder, but also be front-wheel drive. Having grown in size since then it’s lost some of its charm.

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Acura MDX, RDX and TL to Gain Hybrid Powertrains

A brand that is starving for something new is about to get it with Acura planning to equip its most popular models with a new hybrid powertrain. Both the RDX and MDX crossovers, which could arrive as early as next year, will be completely redesigned and feature the new hybrid setup.

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Acura RSX Sedan to Arrive in 2013, Coupe to Follow

On of the largest growth areas in the auto industry is the premium compact segment. Acura had it all locked-down with the Integra and then the RSX and then made the foolish move to axe the car.

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NICB Releases Top 10 Most Stolen Cars Report

The National Insurance Crime Bureau released its Hot Wheels report today, listing the 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States. The report examins vehicle theft data submitted by law enforcement to the National Crime Information Center to determine the most reported stolen cars.

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J.D. Power Survey Shows Toyota, Lexus Rebounding, Ford At All-Time Low

Ford‘s meteoric rise may have hit a speedbump with the latest J.D. Power Initial Quality results showing the Blue Oval at its worst ranking in a decade, coming in at 23rd. Meanwhile, perrenial quality champion Toyota rebounded from 21st last year to 7th this year, after an annus horriblus of recalls, lawsuits and quality defects that saw millions of vehicles recalled.

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Honda's North American Production Returns To 100 Percent In August

North American Honda production will return to normal in August, earlier than expected, the company announced in a statement today.

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Hyundai-Kia Will Overtake Honda and Toyota In May

HyundaiKia will outsell Toyota and Honda in May sales, according to TrueCar. TrueCar expects Hyundai-Kia to sell 115,434 units in May. This number represents an increase of 43.4 percent over May 2010 making the Korean group a 10.9 percent market share putting it number three behind Ford and GM.

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RWD, Supercharged Big-Block Acura Integra: Finally, A Fast Honda

The headline could have also read “finally, a Honda with some torque.” Ok, we kid. But the mere existence of a rear-wheel-drive Acura Integra with a blown 454 Chevy big-block says two things: 1.) you can turn anything into a Pro Street racer with enough knuckle sweat, and 2.) always follow your dreams, kids.

The impressive Integra was reportedly built by Pro Street Unlimited, based in Manchester NH, and features a manual transmission, a belt-driven supercharger, electric blue paint and a sound like God’s Own Cuisinart. Rumors that this car is the current prototype for the next NSX are still unsubstantiated.

[Source: 1A Auto Blog]

Watch the video after the jump:

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Acura NSX Featured In Frank Ocean's New Music Video

Cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Ferrari F430 and Cadillac Escalade tend to be the standard rap video vehicles, but independent R&B artist Frank Ocean, a mega-talented R&B singer with a lot of internet buzz, tends towards the enthusiast end of the spectrum.

The album art for his record Nostalgia, Ultra features an orange BMW M3 from the early 1990s, and his newest video, for the hauntingly beautiful song Acura Integurl features not just one but two modified Acura NSXs carving through canyon roads. Considering Ocean’s love of cars that are oriented towards “Go” rather than “Show” we’re pleasantly surprised at his choice, but support it wholeheartedly. The only thing missing are the actual engine noises, which would nicely compliment his pitch perfect vocals.

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