The Coolest Car Commercial Doesn't Even Have a Car in It

Take note automakers: you don’t necessarily have to showcase a car to get your point across.

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Honda's Latest Ad is All Sorts of Awesome

Honda has released a neat new ad that details the filmmaking and editing process. 

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Mike Rowe Out as Ford Ad Host

The face of Ford’s recent advertising campaigns won’t return for any new commercials.

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Top 10 Automotive Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

Depending on which team you were cheering for, the Super Bowl was a chance to exercise humility or an excuse to bury your head in the sand.

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Chevy Super Bowl Commercial Drips With Sex Appeal… For Cows

This year, Chevrolet’s Super Bowl commercial is promoting its heavy-duty trucks and, of course, manliness.

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Chevrolet Ad Pulled After Being Labeled 'Racist'

General Motors pulled a commercial for the Chevrolet Trax after one Chinese newspaper called it racist. 

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Nissan Leaf Ads to Put Saving Green Ahead of Being Green

Traditionally, buyers of Nissan’s Leaf electric car have been the sort that are more interested in cutting their carbon footprint than their transportation costs and that’s something the automaker wants to change.

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$600,000 of General Motors Ad Agency Work Tied to CFOs Wife

Recently, General Motors gave a subtle shock to the world by announcing that it would not be advertising in next year’s Super Bowl, and that it was also pulling $10 million worth of Facebook advertisements.

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Craigslist Pontiac Grand Am GT Advertisement is Hilarious and Ridiculous

Probably one of the most popular advertising campaigns ever released for a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT, an over-the-top post on Craigslist is enjoying, or suffering, loads of media coverage.

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Volkswagen Releases Full Super Bowl Ad

Volkswagen‘s Super Bowl ad was teased last week with a musical performance of  dog’s barking the imperial march, which was very entertaining by itself, but it was not evident how VW would tie together both dogs and Star Wars. Well now we know as the company just released the entire commercial for our viewing pleasure.

It is actually two commercials rolled into one, a clever trick to keep both the dog and star wars theme alive. While the dog is cute, it’s only fitting that Volkswagen kept their Star Wars ties strong following the success of last years Super Bowl ad featuring the “Vader kid.”

Well done Volkswagen, well done.

Watch the ad after the jump and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Audi R8 GT Billboard Warns Locals

Audi knows a thing or two about thumbing their nose at the world. The question is if people generally take it in stride or take offense.

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Honda's "Mr. Opportunity" Ad Third Worst of 2010 [video]

The Consumerist recently released its picks for the Worst Ads of 2010 and Honda‘s latest installment of its “Mr. Opportunity” series finished third. For this, the first ever Worst Ads in America segment, The Consumerist picked what it determined to be the worst five and then they let people vote for the winners (losers). We’re surprised the ad finished as well as it did.

We know it’s nothing more than an innocent little commercial meant to inform you of the 2010 Clearance Sale, so you can’t expect Honda to pull out all stops for what amounts to “old stock we need to move.” Still, a little effort goes a long way, fellas…

This ad looks like something the intern (Doug) whipped up on his netbook one afternoon when he got bored with shredding old Prelude brochures. The Honda brass (Tim, Jerry) peaked over the cubicle booth, saw the blurry, choppy flash animation combined with nightlife action straight out of daytime television and figured, what-the-hell… if it worked for Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger in Cool World (there’s a reason you don’t remember this movie), let’s run with it.

And so they did.

Why is it that these types of ads are run nonstop throughout the television landscape, while the ads we actually want to see are aired once during the Superbowl when we’re b-lining it to the bathroom with six liters of Sierra Mist in our bladders? This curious decision is the reason why we end up spending much more time with the beyond bland, fun-killing spokesman-slash-Hanna Barbera reject Mr. Opportunity than we do with something at least worthy of our attention, like Honda’s rather clever ad for the CR-Z:

[Source:  The Consumerist]

Check out both commercials after the jump:

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