Watch an Aston Martin Rapide Wrecked… From the Passenger Seat [Video]

We’re not sure what it is about car crashes that fascinates us – so long as they don’t happen to us. We just love (and hate) watching videos of them occurring, and this one involves a remarkable Aston Martin Rapide on a public road.

The driver is Italian surf board designer Roberto Ricci, while the passenger, who captured the entire incident on video, is Mpora editor Dave White. It appears that Ricci turned off the Rapide’s stability control rather than hitting the “Sport” mode button and as a result, loses control of the car while on an exit ramp. The Rapide clearly slamms into a guardrail but none of the airbags deploy.

Fortunately after the accident both White and Ricci do not appear to have sustained any injuries, which is surprising considering how demolished the Rapide is.

Check out the video of the crash after the break – may be NSFW due to language.

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