Bahrain Circuit Names Corner in Honor of Michael Schumacher

The Bahrain Circuit has named a corner after Michael Schumacher, who remains in a medically induced coma after suffering head injuries in a skiing accident.

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Anonymous Targets Formula 1 Website in Protest of Bahrain Regime

Anonymous, famous for wreaking havoc on credit card companies, major financial institutions and other business titans, is now targeting Formula 1 racing. 

Its attacks are based on disapproval around how the Bahrain regime is treating its citizens, even while a major sporting event takes place. Certain members of the Force India F1 team have already left in light of the violence. Thousands and thousands of protesters have also gathered to demonstrate disapproval.

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Force India F1 Team Members Leave After Violence During Bahrain Grand Prix
Last year, civil unrest and rioting caused the Kingdom of Bahrain to  withdraw from hosting the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix. One year later, Formula 1 returns to Bahrain despite remaining political instability.

Authorities gave their word to assure the safety of the visiting Formula 1 community, promising to provide an enormous security presence for the event.

Unfortunately, the security measures proved insufficient when four mechanics of the Force India F1 team were caught in the middle of an incident as police clashed with protesters while the team’s hire car was stationary in Bahrain traffic after leaving the circuit yesterday.

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Bahrain Grand Prix Officially Cancelled

Well, they did it. The organizers for the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix have canceled the Formula One race, citing the criticism from fans and teams alike as the catalyst.

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Formula One To Vote On Bahrain Race

Formula One’s governing body is planning to reconsider the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix and cast a revote among all teams, after its former president and one of its top drivers called for F1 to cancel the event among continued unrest.

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Former F1 Chief Max Mosley Speaks Out Against Bahrain Race

F1’s former chief commandant Max Mosley has joined Red Bull pilot Mark Webber in speaking up against the FIA’s decision to race in Bahrain this October, claiming that it is a mistake that “will eventually cost Formula One dear.”

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F1 Driver Mark Webber Speaks Out Against Racing In Bahrain

Even though the FIA has given the go-ahead to add Bahrain to the 2011 schedule, some aren’t so sure it’s a good idea to race in the troubled country—like Mark Webber, driver for the Red Bull F1 team.

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Bahrain Grand Prix Postponed From 2011 F1 Season Due to Civil Unrest

Due to the ongoing protests in Bahrain, F1 officials have officially pulled the plug on the Bahrain Grand Prix, originally scheduled for March 13th.

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Chevrolet Launches Updated Corvettes for Middle East Market

General Motors has long had a major presence in middle eastern markets, particularly in Gulf countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, where it has sold large numbers of its American sedans (particularly full sized ones) like the Chevy Impala and Caprice, but with slight equipment differences.

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Bone Stock BMW X6 M Runs 12 Second Quarter Mile Pass

Look, when the BMW X6 was first announced we all scratched our heads. Don’t deny it, you did too. The X3 and the X5 have their place in the market, but the X6 is an oddity. Now we’re starting to feel wrong about judging this book by its cover. The X6 M has truly reshaped SUV performance (naturally, being an M model and all) and now we’re just band-wagoners praising what the 555-hp X6 M is all about.

So what exactly are we leading up to? Well a video has surfaced showing a completely bone stock Alpine White X6 M blasting the quarter mile in Bahrain at 12.5 @ 110 mph. That’s a stock SAV (we still think it’s an SUV) running 12’s. This just shows how well the X6 M actually performs in the real world. Sure it’s a pretty useless utility vehicle, but as a sports car, it delivers. Make sure to check out the video after the break. Maybe it’ll make a convert out of you too!

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Report: McLaren F1 Successor to Debut Wednesday

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9th, McLaren will unveil its next exotic, the MP4-12C. The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it has an historical significance, namely, that it has the name MP4 name as all of the McLaren race cars.

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