BMW, Mercedes Shorten Christmas Break so Factory Works Can Keep Up With Demand

Good news for the economy, not-so-great news for BMW and Mercedes-Benz factory workers who had travel plans over the holiday season. In order to meet the growing demand for new models, these two automakers have decided to shorten Christmas breaks this year.

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BMW's Unscripted Video Shows That It's Not All Douchebag M3 Owners

Most people’s perception of BMW owners is likely rooted in negative stereotypes; the inattentive soccer mom driving her X5 while on the phone or a douchey, sunglasses wearing M3 driver, blasting techno while holding the wheel with one hand.

BMW is hoping to conquer this by releasing a video called “BMW Unscripted”. The video shows BMW’s being used as cross-country motorcycles, ferrying wildlife observers into the African desert and as the infamous “Ring-Taxi” on Germany’s Nurburgring race track. We also see some brief glimpses of meerkats and a gorgeous BMW 3.0CS.

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[Source: BMW]

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BMW To Re-Name 6-Series As 5-Series Coupe?

Reports say that BMW is looking to re-brand the 6-Series lineup as the 5-Series Coupe and Convertible, to better align themselves with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class range.

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AC Schnitzer Releases 2011 BMW 5-Series Tuning Package

Oh AC Schnitzer, you’re actually late to the party this time around! BMW‘s new 2011 5-Series has already been overhauled by quite a few tuners including 3D Design and Lumma Design and now the brand synonymous with BMW customization over the last few decades has embraced BMW’s new sedan.

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Top Car Builds Lumma Design BMW CLR 500 RS2 Based on New 5 Series

Lumma Design is slowly becoming one of our favorite new tuners, having checked out their 760Li project and Top Car built X6 M. Once again, Lumma has teamed up with their Russian tuner Top Car to show off what the new BMW 5-Series is fully capable of.

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2011-2012 BMW 5 Series, 5 Series GT Models Get Recalled For Faulty Fuel Tank Sensors

BMW is recalling 6,080 5-Series and 5-Series GT models for a malfunctioning fuel tank sensor. The vehicles manufactured between January 12 and July 1, 2010 are prone to the problem, which can wedge itself against the fuel tank and cause an incorrect reading.

Drivers could conceivably run out of gas at the side of the road, and NHTSA’s website shows that BMW has yet to establish a fix for the problem. Worse yet, drivers might see you by the side of the road and catch a glimpse of the 5-Series Gran Turismo.

[Source: NHTSA]

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Chinese, U.S. Consumers Have "Bottomless" Appetite For German Luxury Cars

Consumers in China and the United States are fueling the fortunes of German luxury car makers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Buyers in both countries are going wild for the re-designed Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A8.

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BMW 5-Series M-Sports Package Pictures Surface

BMW announced their M Sport Package for the new F10 5-Series, and the equipment is exactly what you’d expect. Complete with front M sport bumper, M-sport rear diffuser/bumper, sideskirts, two M-sport wheel options and a new set of tailpipes, the M Sport makes the car a little aggressive, while an upgraded suspension helps it keep up with the macho looks. Inside, M embossed decorative trim, an M steering wheel and shift knob and an anthracite headliner complete the effect.

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2011 BMW 5 Series M Sports Package Revealed

The M-Sports package has long been a staple of the BMW 5-Series lineup, with enough cosmetic and chassis tweaks to give owners a taste of the famed M5 sports sedan without having to step up to a more hardcore (not to mention expensive) car.

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2011 BMW 5-Series XDrive To Start At $52,775

The BMW 5-Series xDrive models will hit dealerships this October, right before the snow hits the ground, but if you want to pick up one of BMW’s all-wheel-drive sedans, you better be prepared to make it rain.

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BMW To Build Stretch 3-Series For Chinese Market

The Chinese auto market has a strange fascination with stretched versions of compact and mid-size sedans, the the stretched BMW 5-Series (pictured), the Audi A4L and the stretched Mercedes-Benz E-Class to name a few.

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BMW 5-Series GT Selling Slowly, Lack Of 6-Cylinder Blame

BMW‘s oddball 5-Series GT hatchback/station wagon/SUV thing is not off to a great start in the United States, and BMW executives are blaming the decision to market only the top-of-the-line rear-drive V8 car upon launch as the culprit behind sluggish sales.

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