BMW Patents Bi-Turbo V6 Engine, Rumored for Next Generation M3

Rumors are flying left and right on what BMW has in the works to power the next-generation M3/M4, with four potential engines being spoken of. These include a turbocharged 4.4L V8, turbocharged 4.0L V8, a 3.2L inline-6 with three turbochargers and now BMW has filed a patent for a uniquely-designed twin-turbo V6.

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Transform Your BMW M3 Into a Street Legal GT Race Car Thanks to CLP Automotive

BMW M3 owners looking to transform their ride to a GT-inspired race car lookalike can now turn to CLP Automotive’s Interceptor kit to accomplish the task. The full carbon fiber widebody conversion kit doesn’t come cheap though, priced at around $12,400. Your hard-earned dollars will get you a new front bumper, hood, fenders (with lower vents), side skirts, flared rear quarter panels, rear bumper and a rear spoiler.

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Vorsteiner "Candy Cane" BMW M3 GTRS3, Porsche Panamera V-PT [Car Porn]

Sporty or luxurious? BMW or Porsche? Two of Germany’s finest production automobiles have been tuned by Vorsteiner to near perfection, contrasting the M3’s urge to be sporty with the Panamera’s desire to be luxurious. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Vorsteiner’s Candy Cane GTRS3 M3 or their Porsche Panamera V-PT, but enjoying them both in one photo shoot is a real treat.

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BMW M3 DTM Race Car Revealed: 2012 German Touring Car Season Now Officially Interesting

BMW has taken the cover off its jaw-dropping M3 DTM Concept Car, giving us a taste of what will hit the track in the upcoming 2012 DTM season. Even though the German automaker has announced that the looks of the car will most likely change considerably leading up to its first race, we hope they retain the general idea: an amazing badass race car.

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BMW M3 to Get Tri-Turbo Small Displacement Straight-Six

With the 2012 M5 now revealed in all its turbocharged glory, the auto tabloids have switched focus to the next-generation M3.

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MAC Auto Couture Partners With Active Autowerke for Custom BMW M3 Duo [Car Porn]

Martino Auto Concepts in Glen Cove, New York, started out by specializing in repairing accident vehicles and are only one of eight facilities in North America to feature a Celette fixture bench and a Carbench Octopus. This allows Martino Auto Concepts (MAC for short) to become a factory approved BMW repair facility while having the capabilities of reconstructing some of the world’s finest exotics including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. So naturally with all their talent and expertise, they decided to branch off to customizing high-end vehicles, and MAC Auto Couture was born in 2008.

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BMW M3 CRT Gets An Introduction [Video]

Remember, it’s not a computer monitor. BMW’s hi-po M3, the CRT, gets an introductory video showcasing its array of carbon fiber and suspension enhancements.

If the regular M3 is too boring, the CRT (which stands for Carbon Racing Technology) should liven things up: it gets a carbon fiber hood that’s a quarter of the regular steel’s weight, carbon fiber seats, a titanium exhaust, lighter wheels and brakes, and less sound deadening. The new suspension gets stiffer springs and adjustable coilovers, and the 450-horsepower V8 is attached to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The result? An M3 sedan that’s 100 pounds lighter, but still features the comfort and convenience of the regular M3—like keeping its high-end audio system that you won’t be able to hear anyway. There will be only 67 units produced, each at an eye-watering price of $185,000. In that case, the video below (after the jump) will be the closest any of us will get to owning, or even driving, an example.

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BMW Frozen Black M3 Sells Out In 22 Minutes

Like a morning radio show giving out Metallica tickets, BMW‘s limited edition Frozen Black M3 sold out in a matter of minutes—22, to be exact. Better luck next time, BMWisti.

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Vorsteiner Builds Candy Cane-Themed Widebody BMW M3

Vorsteiner has made quite a splash with its GTRS3 carbon fiber wide body conversion for the current generation B MW E92 M3. And for Bimmerfest 2011 (which just passed), Vorsteiner decided to debut another widebody M3 project; this time sporting a red and white theme that won itself the nickname of Candy Cane.

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G-Power Supercharged BMW M3 GTS Officially Official

This is hardly the first time we’ve uttered words about G-Power’s BMW M3 GTS, but we all have a sense of relief now that it’s officially official – pricing and all.

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BMW M3 May Get V6 Engine

Depending on your opinion of the M3 V8, this may be upsetting. BMW may be considering a V6 engine for the next generation BMW M3. You read that correctly, V6 instead of their famous traditional inline 6.

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Edmunds Lists The Best And Worst Fuel Economy Among Sports Cars

A big-name outlet like may get a lot of sports cars, but it’s not all burnouts and apexes—they have to pay for them as well. So they tallied up the fuel costs among 9 sports cars over one month to see what $4-gallon gas gets you these days if you’re not schlepping about in a Camry.

Ranging from the Mini Cooper to the Jaguar XFR, the BMW M3 to the Corvette ZR1, the list found that—to the surprise of no one—the Minis were the cheapest to fill up, and the BMW M3 and Corvette ZR1 were tied as the priciest. The non-supercharged Cooper cost $165/month to fill up, while the BMW/Corvette combo topped the chart at $330—almost the same cost of a full-size pickup,  but with less of your friends calling you whenever they need to move a couch.

Click the jump to view the whole chart.

[Source: Auto Observer]

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BMW M3 GTS Sedan Will Get 440 Horsepower

The lightweight version of the BMW M3 sedan, first shown last week, will be known as the M3 GTS Sedan, and serve as a bridge between the standard car and the more hardcore M3 GTS Coupe.

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Current M3 Marks the End of Naturally Aspirated M Cars for BMW

With the 2012 M5 set to go into production later this year, BMW brand fans will begin immediate speculation on the next M3. That car, unlike all of its predecessors, will be turbocharged.

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Lightweight BMW M3 Sedan To Debut At Nurburgring M Festival

Despite the stupid April Fool’s prank involving the BMW M3 Pickup, this announcement is not a joke. BMW is bringing a lightweight version of their M3 sedan to the M Festival, an event to be held at the Nurburgring 24 Hours race in late 2011.

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