10 Exotic Cars the Porsche Cayman GT4 Beat Around the Nrburgring

The Cayman is Porsche’s latest model to get the GT treatment. This new high-performance sports car packs serious punch thanks to an engine that’s borrowed from the larger 911 Carrera S.

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BMW To Debut Four New Models At Frankfurt Auto Show

The M5 and the M3 GTS, of course, will cause enthusiasts to salivate at an unhealthy, fluid-draining rate. But while the 1-Series will be redesigned for the first time since its debut in 2004—no insignificant debut at any other show—it’s the i3 electric car that will make the biggest impact at the show.
The i3, as leaked before, is BMW’s mass-produced electric car with a 160-mile range and a passenger cell made from carbon fiber. If anything, it’s BMW’s firing shot into the electric propulsion game, with much of the company’s reputation behind it.

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G-Power Supercharged BMW M3 GTS Officially Official

This is hardly the first time we’ve uttered words about G-Power’s BMW M3 GTS, but we all have a sense of relief now that it’s officially official – pricing and all.

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BMW M3 GTS Sedan Will Get 440 Horsepower

The lightweight version of the BMW M3 sedan, first shown last week, will be known as the M3 GTS Sedan, and serve as a bridge between the standard car and the more hardcore M3 GTS Coupe.

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G-Power Tunes BMW M3 GTS to 720-HP

As if improving on BMW‘s M3 wasn’t enough with the M3 GTS, German tuner G-Power has gone on to improve the raw and track-ready machine further. G-Power is proud to announce the arrival of their first three G-Power BMW M3 GTS models, pumping up the 4.4L V8 from 450-hp to all new heights: 720-hp.

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BMW M3 GTS Officially the Fastest Production Bimmer Ever, But Not by Much

German automotive publication Sport Auto has finally gotten their hands on a new BMW M3 GTS, taking it to the Nürburgring to see how it stacks up as a serious sports car. For those not familiar with Sport Auto, they take almost every car to the Ring, where former race car driver turned magazine editor Horst von Saurma runs it through its paces.

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BMW M3 GTS-R Rumored to Be Final, Hardest-Core E92 M3 Yet

BMW is rumored to be working on an even more hard-core version of the newly released M3 GTS. According to supposed BMW insider “SCOTT26” on M3Post, the M3 GTS-R will be the final and most hard-core M3 yet.

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BMW M3 GTS Officially Launched in Europe With Performance Stats and Video

BMW‘s M3 GTS track machine has been officially approved for sale, in Europe. The M3 GTS has 6 more horsepower than a stock M3, but is 154 lbs lighter than the standard car, and comes loaded with important track bits like one-piece bucket seats, harnesses, a roll cage and a fire extinguisher system. The only gearbox available is the 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Outside, a big wing, different alloys and some exclusive aero bits set the GTS apart.

BMW claims a new 0-62 mph time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 190-mph.

As for the price, its €136.850 (or roughly $172,000). Not that it matters though, as BMW has no plans to offer the M3 GTS in the U.S.

Hit the jump to see the M3 GTS track video and read more about one of the baddest BMW’s you’ll never get to drive


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BMW M3 GTS Makes Its Presence Known On The Nurburgring [Video]

The BMW M3 isn’t what it used to be. It’s still a potent performance car in the hands of the right driver, but sucessive versions have become a little too mainstream. The first-generation E30 was only for the hardcore, and the E36 maintained that tradition. By the time the E46 came around in 2002, it became the official car of Bluetooth-wearing striped-shirt bros, while the cabriolet with the SMG gearbox was a must-have for bleached blonde trophy wives. There wasn’t anything wrong with the car per se; it was still the best car this side of a Porsche 911, but the clientele was a little suspect.

With the E92 M3 GTS, BMW has made a car so bonkers that nobody who wears designer clothes or hair product would ever consider it. There’s no audio system to blast your tunes with, no air-conditioning to keep the sweat from dripping off your blowout hairdo and onto your Ed Hardy shirt, and the reduced insulation and titanium exhaust mean that your cell phone conversations will have to wait.

What the GTS does have is a rollcage, a front splitter, rear wing, uprated dampers and brakes, plus all kinds of M goodies to help maximize your trackday experience.

While BMW has released several videos of the M3 GTS, we now have some great amateur video after one lucky owner enlisted a friend to help capture the majestic roar of a high-strung V8 breathing through eight individual throttle bodies.

Hit the jump for more track day goodness on the Nürburgring

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Report: Sadly, BMW Confirms M3 GTS Not Headed to U.S.

The news that BMW will not bring its light-weight, high-powered M3 GTS to North America is both expected and disappointing. As with so many niche market enthusiast vehicles before it, the GTS will remain strictly in the racing-glove covered hands of Europeans as they triumph over apexes and braking zones at their local race track, blissfully ignorant of just how lucky they are.

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Report: BMW Unveils Light Weight M3 GTS With 450-hp

After numerous spy photos of a modified BMW M3 running the Nürburgring were captured, BMW has now divulged just exactly what the higher performance M3 is. No, it’s not the CSL, but it might as well be as it follows the same light weight, high performance theme. This car, however, is called the M3 GTS.

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