Report: Brabus GLK Sets World Record for Fastest SUV at 200-MPH

The team at German Mercedes-tuner Brabus have just announced that their V12-powered Mercedes GLK has achieved a world record for the fastest street-legal SUV at 322.3 km/h. In miles, that is a fraction over 200, at 200.3 mph!

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Frankfurt 2009: Brabus Builds An 800 Horsepower Widebody E-Class

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the latest Brabus E V12 might be typically Brabus in that, like almost all Brabus models, it is “fast, black and expensive.” It’s also very uncharacteristically Brabus-like due to the wider rear end with bizarre fenders that cover over most of the wheels. Add on matte black paint and we’d almost think we were at Mansory’s booth.

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Frankfurt Preview: Brabus Introduces 750hp S-Class Mobile Office

Brabus will introduce what it calls the world’s “fastest and most powerful office on wheels” at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15th.

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Brabus E-Class Coupe With Up to 462 Horsepower

Hot on the heels of its modification program for the E-Class sedan, German Mercedes-tuner has released a full line of products for the E-Class Coupe.

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Brabus Tunes The 2010 E-Class

Quick on the heels of the release of the new 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Brabus has a new line of products for those seeking a more extreme E.

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FAB Design Widebody Maybach 57S "Ruined"

FAB Design, a German tuner shop famous for West Coast Customs-style rapper-trash modifications on Mercedes vehicles, has outdone itself by blinging out a Maybach 57 S. Notice we said, “ruin” in the headline.. with quotes… as Maybach models aren’t exactly gems to begin with.

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SMART Fortwo 10th Anniversary Edition: Win Your's Today

On display at the 2009 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto was one of only 10 SMART fortwos that will be built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the car. And this particular vehicle will be given away to one lucky person. But more on that soon.

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LA Auto Show: Brabus Smart Fourtwo

Penske Automotive, the distributor of smart vehicles in the U.S., used the LA Auto Show to announce that for 2009 the special Brabus edition cars will be part of its product lineup. Offered initially to current smart owners, the Brabus fourtwo can be had as a Coupe or Cabriolet in either silver or black at a starting price of $17,990 or $20,990, respectively. (A $4,000 premium over the standard production models).

“This car has always been about personal expression,” says Dave Schembri, president of smart USA, “and as we approach our first anniversary of sales in the United States, Brabus adds a new dimension, extending our brand into new areas of customization and personalization.”

The Brabus edition smart fortwo comes with a complete aero-kit including a front lip that is designed to reduce lift on the front axle – giving the car increased stability at highway speeds. Side skirts are also a part of the package as is a new rear bumper with cut-outs for the Brabus exhaust. Most noticeable, however, are the Brabus Monoblock VII wheels in a front 15-inch and rear 17-inch fitment.

Inside there are plenty of other Brabus accessories, like brushed aluminum sport pedals, a Brabus sport steering wheel and Brabus floor mats.

Surprisingly, while the car does have improved shifting and an upgraded suspension that sits 10mm lower thank stock, Brabus did not do any engine tuning – something it is famous for with Mercedes vehicles. Because of this, smart can still market the Brabus fortwo as getting an EPA rated 41 mpg.

Penske also used the LA Auto Show to announce that Brabus accessories for smart vehicles will be sold individually.

A complete list of those accessories can be found after the jump:

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Fastest Sedan in the World

BMW Tuner G-Power has just announced that during recent testing at the Papenburg test track in Germany, its 750hp twin-supercharged HURRICANE RS M5 set a new WORLD RECORD for the fastest sedan.

With a stop speed of 367.5 km/h (228.4 mph) the Hurricane eclipsed the Mercedes CLS-based Brabus Rocket, which set a speed of 365.7 km/h (227.2 mph).

The Hurricane RS is a slightly more powerful version of the standard production Hurricane with 750hp versus 730hhp. The gain was made by raising boost pressure in both ASA superchargers from 10.1 lbs to 11.6 lbs.
According to G-Power CEO and engineer Christian Stöber, the
Hurricane is capable of topping its own record as boost can be raised as high as 14.5 lbs. “We are curious if this will be necessary…” reads the end of the company’s press release, a definite challenge to the boys at Brabus.

While this new record is certain to help G-Power sell more vehicles, most likely in places like Dubai, the speed record won’t be possible in the production cars because they will not be equipped with the gearing necessary to do so. Brabus does, however, offer the Rocket to customers with longer gears. Regardless, unless those customers own their own airstrip, 220-plus mph speed runs are unlikely.

Official press release after the jump:

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