Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to Make Public Debut at The Quail

Bugatti will give the first official showing of the world record holding Veyron Super Sport at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering later this month. Held on the Friday prior to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, it’s worth noting that this venue was chosen over the headline event of the week.

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UK Man Charges $10,000 For Month-Long "Supercar Bath" Detailing Job

Gurcharn Sahota details cars. Although the term “detail” is used loosely in this case. What’s the most you’ve ever paid someone for a detail? $200? $300? Maybe $1,000, if you’ve got an Aston Martin DB4GT that you’re entering in a Concours event? Well, if you take advantage of Sahota’s services, be prepared to spend up to $10,000 for one of his trademark “supercar baths.”

Far more than a standard detail, Sahota’s services include a pre-wash with precisely measured, pH balanced water, a micrometer to measure paint thickness for just the right amount of buffing and/or wet-sanding, and Brazilian wax that costs more per tin than many compact cars. But if your vehicle of choice is a Zonda, Enzo or a Bugatti SuperSport, one of Sahota’s Baths can be worth far more than the asking price.

“If one of my customers wants to respray a million pound car it could cost them up to £100,000. Give it to me for a couple of weeks, I’ll charge a fraction of the price and it will look even better.”

Sahota adds that his services aren’t just for cars exhibiting wear-and-tear from being used:

“If you give me a new car I can make it look better.”

Hit the jump for a video of the master at work.

[Source: BBC]

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Top Gear's James May (Captain Slow) Drives Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 259.11 MPH

Were it not for Top Gear‘s incredible production and entertainment value, surely we wouldn’t be telling you that James May, aka Captain Slow, managed to drive the new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport slower than the world record setting time. In fact, in case you can’t tell from his nick name, going under the car’s top speed is more his specialty. Then again, he did manage to drive the 1,200-hp supercar at an astonishing 259.11 mph.

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SSC Looking to Reclaim Top Speed Record From Bugatti With New Model

SSC, or Shelby Super Cars, is looking to take back the title of producing the world’s fastest car, after Bugatti r ecently posted a 267.81 mph time with its new 1,200-hp SuperSport model. That time bested the SSC Ultimate Aero’s 256.12 mph run, which in turn had beat-out the previous Veyron’s 253.81-mph speed.

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Volkswagen Group On Target For Record Sales In 2010

Volkswagen Group’s worldwide sales are up 15% compared to 2009, with the company moving 3.5 million units in the first six months of 2010.

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Reclaims Record for World's Fastest Car at 267.81 MPH

Bugatti has done it again, setting a new record for the world’s fastest production car at an astonishing 267.81 mph. That time gives Bugatti back the title, after the original Veyron’s 253.81 mph speed was topped by upstart American supercar maker SSC with its 256.12 mph run.

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 SuperSport For Sale For The Low, Low Price Of $2.4 Million

Attention hedge-fund managers, rappers and those with family money; Bugatti’s new Veyron 16.4 SuperSport is for sale, and the French/German supercar maker wants to get you into the driver’s seat of one of their supercars for the rock-bottom price of $2.4 million.

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Report: Bugatti Veyron's Last Waltz Will Feature 1200 Horsepower

The send-off for the world’s most awesome car has to be fitting for something a car that costs in the millions of dollars, (never mind its awesome performance), and Bugatti knows that the final edition of their Veyron supercar has to measure up. Another special edition with different paint and a cool name won’t cut it any more, so Bugatti is apparently working on a final edition of the Veyron, known as the SuperSport.

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For the Man Who Has Everything – $3 Million Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition Model

Haven’t got Dad a gift for Father’s Day yet? Forgo the last-minute dash to 7-11 for usual card and Oh Henry! gift combo and order him a Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition model car.

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Lotus, Bugatti, Ferrari Battle It Out At Laguna Seca (Video Inside

Gentlemen, turn up your speakers. The title really needs no further explanation. A Lotus Exige S, Bugatti Veyron and a Ferrari F430 get together and go toe-to-toe on Laguna Seca. There aren’t too many in-car shots, but the ones that do exist show the Ferrari driver shuffle steering (a big no-no among race car drivers) and a not-quite-rapid pace through some of the turns (especially through the Corkscrew). We can understand not wanting to put your Ferrari at risk on an open lapping day, but if you’re going to baby the car, then ditch the race harnesses and the firesuit. A t-shirt, 3 point belt and an SA-rated helmet would be more than enough.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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Bugatti 16C Galibier Spied, Is Production on the Horizon?

Even though Bugatti still refuses to admit it, the Bugatti Galibier looks poised to be put into production. These photos were snapped out in Molsheim, France and it looks nearly identical to the concept that debuted just head of this year’s Geneva Auto Show. Rumors are that Bugatti will be launching the Galibier in 2013 with a $1.3 million price tag.

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Bugatti Veyron Documentary A Must See For Car Lovers (Video Inside)

Since 99% of us will never actually see a Bugatti Veyron, we’ll have to make do with various substitutes; photographs, sound clips, magazine articles and the like. More incredible than merely seeing one in the flesh is seeing what awesome feats the Veyron can accomplish. Fortunately, a National Geographic doucmentary available on Youtube will let you see firsthand just what the car can do.

We all know the statistics that have been constantly thrown around; 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, a top speed of 253 miles per hour, 1001 horsepower. But one of the most incredible things is seeing how the car brakes. Watch in Part 2 of the clip as the Veyron slows down from some absurd speed, to a complete stop in a matter of seconds. Yes, the Veyron is capable of making going slow cool, but you already knew that based on how many owners drive their exotics slowly, to make sure everybody sees how rich and fabulous they are.

The real stars of the documentary are undoubtedly the engineers, a diverse team of some of the brightest minds in the fields of automotive, metallurgical and aerospace (yes, aerospace) engineering, brought together by Volkswagen to create the world’s most impressive car. We strongly suggest not skipping any of the four parts, and watching the whole thing to get a true appreciation of how the Veyron came to life.

[Source: TopSpeed]

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Time Flies: McLaren Celebrates Two Decades Of The McLaren F1

The Bugatti Veyron might be faster, the Pagani Zonda more eye-catching and the Ferrari Enzo more extravagant. Nevertheless, the McLaren F1 is still regarded by most enthusiasts as the greatest car ever made, bar none. The F1 was the physical manifestation of the dreams of Gordon Murray, a savant engineer whose personal quirks ingrained in the car’s design. There’s no radio, because Murray hated listening to the radio, but there’ is a top-notch hi-fi for your own music. The engine was a BMW V12 that had more in common with an F1 engine than the opulent 12-cylinders that powered the 750iL and 850i luxo-barges. The driver sat in the middle of the car, and the engine was lined with gold, for better heat dissipation.

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Michael Schumacher's Bugatti EB110SS For Sale

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you will never even glimpse the top of the motorsports pyramid that Michael Schumacher was sucessfully climbed – 7 times over. But if you have roughly $745,000, you can own a well known piece of Michael Schumacher memorabilia – his Bugatti EB110SS.

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Wretched Excess: Hennessey HPE1000 Combines Camaro Styling, 1,000 Horsepower

If you want the performance of a Bugatti Veyron in an all-American package (that’s one tenth the price), look no further than Hennessey Performance Engineering’s HPE1000, a $65,000 upgrade for the Chevrolet Camaro SS.

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