Caterham F1 CT01 Revealed, F1 Cars Getting Uglier

The first glimpse of what will probably be the new face of F1 race cars leaked into the media yesterday after some subscribers to British F1 Racing magazine got their issues in the mail a little early.

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Decision Announced on Team Lotus Vs. Group Lotus F1 Naming Rights

Fans of Formula 1 racing and Lotus must have spent this year feeling a bit confused regarding who they should support, since there were two teams going by the name Lotus.

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Caterhams Are Coming To China

Caterham Cars has just signed an exclusive deal with Courtenay Trading International (CTI) as its exclusive importer. CTI will appoint six dealers in China, in some of its key provinces, and hopes to sell between 30 and 50 cars in its first year.

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Team Lotus To Filter Down Technology To Caterham Cars, Expand Product Portfolio

Caterham is best known for building and constantly improving on the old Lotus 7 design. The company earlier this year launched an all-new additional model called the SP300/R, which was the first new model launched by the company since their ill-received Caterham 21 went out of production.

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Team Lotus Acquires Caterham

Looking to establish itself as being more Lotus than Lotus, Team Lotus Enterprise has announced the acquisition of Caterham Cars – the self proscribed custodians of Colin Chapman’s ultra-light Seven sports car.

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Team Lotus Looking To Buy Caterham

Now news comes that Team Lotus wants to tie itself more closely with the Lotus brand by acquiring Caterham cars. As all car enthusiasts know, Caterham bought the manufacturing rights to continue producing the old Lotus 7 back in 1973 and ever since has been developing newer and faster versions of this basic sportscar.

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Caterham Reveals All-New Model in Partnership With Lola [Video]

Detroit is not the only city currently hosting a motor show. Birmingham in the U.K. is also hosting an event: the Autosport International Motor Show. This show, however, focuses more on track day toys, and hence that’s why Caterham has launched their latest track day special there.

Caterham’s first new car in 15-years (anyone remember the 21!) is called the SP/300R and it’s been jointly developed with Lola, a company that has a long history with producing race cars.

The Sp/300R features a supercharged version of Ford‘s 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Duratec motor, which in this application produces 300-hp. This mid-engined machine (a first for Caterham) sends power to the rear wheels via a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox. With a vehicle weight of just 1,210 lbs. you can imagine this to be rather quick, and it is. 0-60 mph takes just 2.5 seconds and top speed is in the 170-mph region.

So it’s a pretty serious performance car, but it’s not going to be a common sight. Caterham is currently only looking to produce 25 examples of this model per year, and all of these will be headed to a one-make racing series in the U.K. next year. It’s not cheap either as prices start at around $100,000.

You won’t be able to take your latest toy to the shops either, since it’s not street legal and currently there are no plans to do a road-going version of this model. Let’s hope they change their mind in the future.

See a video of the car after the jump:

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Caterham To Indroduce An All New Car, Finally!

What is even more surprising is the fact that their product line-up has been based around one single model, the 7, which is based on the Colin Chapman designed Lotus 7 from 1957.

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