Poll: Porsche Cayman S or Shelby GT350?

Decisions, decisions… Which sporty car would YOU rather park in your driveway, the Porsche Cayman S or Shelby GT350?

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Porsche Cayman S Gets the 'Exclusive' Touch

The Porsche Cayman S has gotten a personalized touch from Porsche Exclusive.

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How the Porsche Cayman Has Surpassed the 911

Porsche keeps improving its Cayman model and for 2014 the new GTS trim has surpassed even the performance of the 911; that is, if the 911 you’re talking about is a few years old.

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Ask AutoGuide No. 32 - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Vs. Jaguar F-Type Coupe Vs. Porsche Cayman S
Winter’s frosty chill may have a death-grip on much of the Northern hemisphere but frigid temperatures and interminably gray skies aren’t going to prevent us from thinking on the bright side.

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Top 10 Performance Cars We Drove in 2013

It has been another busy year at the AutoGuide office. Once again we have driven and evaluated hundreds of cars this year ranging from the Mitsubishi Mirage to the Dodge Ram to the Rolls Royce Ghost.

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Ask AutoGuide No. 24 - Porsche 911 Carrera Vs. Porsche Cayman S

If you’ve got a smartphone you know just how versatile these pocket computers are. They send and receive e-mail, allow you to cruise the internet and can even take pictures, to name but a few of their capabilities. They’re essentially real-life Tricorders from Star Trek.

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Facebook Themed Porsche Cayman S Celebrates 2 Million Fans

Porsche is celebrating a milestone of reaching two million fans on its Facebook page by unveiling a customized Cayman S featuring red-tinted photos of all their Facebook fans.

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Porsche Cayman Interseries From Road Atlanta [video]

As if old racing Porsches weren’t cool enough — we proudly display a “ hippy” 917 on our desk — someone had the idea to paint new Porsches in historic liveries and go racing.

That series is the Cayman Interseries, established in 2009 by Napleton Porsche of Illinois. It’s sanctioned by Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) and is currently in its first full season. Like the Ferrari Challenge, a central organization (in this case, Napleton Porsche) supplies the 320-horsepower Cayman S models, as well as prepares them for racing and brings them to each track.

Check out the series website here, and enjoy video from round two at Road Atlanta after the jump.

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Porsche World Roadshow Travels to Canada