Toyota Announces New City, Highway Safety Systems

Two new safety systems from Toyota were announced in Japan today that will better protect pedestrians and make highway driving safer.

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Volvo Planning City Safety Improvements, Including Animal Detection

Volvo’s City Safety auto brake system has revolutionized car safety since its introduction in 2008 and the Swedish automaker is looking to make a series of updates to help stay at the forefront of collision avoidance tech.

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Honda Targets Zero Collisions Goal Through New Safety Tech

Along with its two better-known core brand values of driving fun and fuel economy, Honda has announced an ambitious new “zero collisions” target to fulfill its ongoing focus on safety.

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Self-Braking Cars Mandatory in Europe by 2014

Volvo first introduced its City Safety feature in 2008, marking the first time a production car could not only detect an impending impact but actually apply the brakes on its own to prevent a collision. As a sign of just how well it works, similar technology will become mandatory on all cars in Europe starting in 2014.

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Volvo City Safety Dramatically Reduces Accidents: Study

Volvo is living up to its reputation for being a leader in safety, with a new report shedding light on exactly how big an impact the brand’s new City Safety collision avoidance system is having.

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Report: Volvo Buys Ads In Major Papers Calling for 'Distracted Driving' Legislation

Tomorrow, if you pick up a copy of USA Today or The Washington Post, you’re likely to see Volvo’s full page ad, calling for legislation on “distracted driving.” The ads come on the very day that the U.S. Department of Transportation begins its two day Distracted Driving Summit to discuss the issue. Along with senior DOT staff, the summit will also host elected officials, safety advocates, academics and law enforcement representatives. Volvo, however, is not a participant, although the company that has built a reputation for vehicles that are, above all else, safe, obviously has something to say on the matter.

“With the proliferation of cell phone use and text messaging while behind the wheel, distracted driving is on the rise and is a leading cause of traffic accidents,” said Doug Speck, Volvo Cars North America president and CEO. “Reasonable laws that help focus a driver’s attention on the road will help reduce collisions, just as laws to enforce seat belt use have helped save lives. By holding this summit, the DOT is demonstrating its commitment to resolve an ever-growing safety issue.”

Along with numerous safety innovations throughout the decades, more recently Volvo prides itself on electronic systems such as lane departure warning or even the new “City Safety” system which debuted on the XC60 (above), that can actually stop the vehicle when a collision is detected.

Currently only seven states have banned cell phone use (without a hands-free device) while driving, while 18 states have laws against texting while driving.

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