2004 Pebble Beach Best of Show Heading to RM Auctions

One of the most stunning classics that has ever been seen will be heading to RM Auctions in August at Monterey. 

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Ford Focus Classic For Sale in China, Priced Like New Focus in US

Would you entertain the idea of buying an old-model Ford Focus new from the manufacturer? In today’s throwaway culture it’s hard to imagine buying anything but the latest product, but that’s not the perspective everywhere. In other parts of the world, previous model cars remain for sale at a discount after a new lines debut.

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Racing Reverend Takes to the Track in a 1952 Jaguar C-type
Iconic racing cars never retire. Having not seen competitive action for a decade, a special 1952 Jaguar C-type returns to racing for the 2012 Royal Automobile Club Woodcote trophy, and the racing Reverend Simon Butler will be behind the wheel.
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1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Owner's Manual Sells for $8,200

Losing an owner’s manual isn’t a big deal anymore. All the information you need is available online, either from the manufacturer or other people who dealt with the same problem, which is why paying $8,200 for such a thing might seem absurd.

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MINI Ray is a Bad Dose of '80s Style

Tease up those bangs, put on your neon legwarmers, throw in a couple extra shoulder pads and get ready for the ‘80s-inspired MINI Ray.

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Chevrolet Memorabilia Collector Tries for Guinness World Record

For Charlie Mallon, 54, of Downington, Pa., nothing numbers more greatly in life than his collection of Chevrolet memorabilia.

As a life-long collector and avid enthusiast, Mallon amassed 2,181 different Chevrolet items over the past 40 years. After the better pat of a lifetime’s devotion to his hobby, he finally counted up his trinkets to realize there might be a world record in his future.

Mallon spends a lot of his time travelling as a dealership consultant and says he always made a point to find new Chevrolet collectibles during each of those trips. He also scoops new pieces up as he sees them, most of which are Corvettes.

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Chevrolet "Intimidator" Monte Carlo Will Be Auctioned for Charity

A decade ago, General Motors announced a limited run off of 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo coupes. Know as the SS “Intimidator,” these cars were built as a tribute to the late, great NASCAR legend Dale Earhardt.

Given their limited production and unique trim and color scheme, these cars have become quite prized in certain circles, notably among NASCAR fans and even car collectors. Now one of these cars, in much the same condition as when it first rolled off the line, is being sold for a worthy cause.

It will be auctioned off at the spring Toronto Classic Car Auction with part of the proceeds being donated to a local hospital to help fund a new urgent care unit.

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93-Year-Old Great-Grandma Retires 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente After 575,000 Miles

They sure don’t make cars like they used to – and Rachel Veitch can attest to that. This 93 year old is still driving the 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente she bought brand new. But it’s the end of an era, as Rachel prepares to hang up her car keys for good.

After amassing 575,000 miles on a car she’s named Chariot, Rachel has decided to give up driving after running a stoplight. As well, she’s having difficulty reading large print in newspaper headlines.

They’ve spent so much time together, she knows her Mercury inside and out. The car comes with its factory-installed air conditioner and she’s kept meticulous records – from the day she bought the car (brand new for $3289) to every oil change and extended warranty. Chariot even became part of the family – Rachel threw birthday parties for her beloved car. She’s the original owner, so she can honestly say that a little old woman drove it around… although not just to church on Sundays.

“She’s better than three husbands, she’s never lied to me, she’s never cheated on me and I can always depend on her,” says Rachel. As to Chariot’s future, Rachel doesn’t know what she’s going to do with her car. It’s now valued at $12,000 and it doesn’t look like she’ll be passing it down to her grandchildren or great-grandchildren – they just wouldn’t give it the attention it deserves. Apparently, Rachel made an appearance on the Jay Leno show in 2010 and hinted that she’d let it go to the right late night talk show host.

You can see the fiesty senior taking one last joyride below.

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Custom Rear-Drive Pontiac Grand Am Drag Racer is Awesome, But Ugly

Every custom car project should begin with a vision of not only what the end result should look like, but what its purpose will be. While this 1986 Pontiac Grand Am clearly has some excellent fabrication work and high-quality parts, the finished product is one confused project.

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Subaru WRX STI Powered VW Beetle is One Fast Bug

When the 1973 Volkswagen Beetle first came out, it was powered by a 1.3L air-cooled engine with a mere 44-hp. Considering there are over 70 cars that make 500-hp or more, the stock Beetle powerplant just doesn’t cut it these days.

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LeMay Americas Car Museum to Display at New York Auto Show

LeMay America’s Car Museum (rendered above) will be opening its doors to the general public in Tacoma, Washington in two months. In anticipation of that, the group is bringing a sample exhibit to the upcoming New York Auto Show.

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Custom 1966 Buick Riviera is Simply Amazing – Video

In 1966, Buick introduced its second generation Riviera, America’s take on the personal luxury car. Even though the Riviera died a silent death in 1999, early models of the vehicle were highly praised by automotive journalists and writers.

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1968 Chevy Camaro by Bo Zolland Heading to 2012 SEMA Show

This year’s SEMA Show is distant on the calendar, but it’s never too early for builders to release sneak previews of what they’re working on.

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Ultra Custom '63 Corvette is a 1,000 HP Beauty And It Could Be Yours

Looking for a truly unique car to add to your collection? Better head to the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Palm Beach, Fla. from April 5 through 7. This custom 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe V7 features a twin-turbo, mid-engine setup backed by a stunning design.

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Win a 1970 Dodge Charger in KFC Contest – Video

Fans of the commercial shared their thoughts on KFC’s Facebook page, “The Pot Pies are delicious, but my nod goes to the Dodge Charger!” Another shared the same sentiment, “Man, that’s one sexy 1970 Charger!”

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