Chrysler 200 Ads Wax Predictably Patriotic

The latest series of Chrysler commercials focus on the new 200 mid-size sedan first shown during the Detroit Auto Show.

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Chevy Super Bowl Commercial Drips With Sex Appeal… For Cows

This year, Chevrolet’s Super Bowl commercial is promoting its heavy-duty trucks and, of course, manliness.

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Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Has Flying Engineers

Volkswagen just released its Super Bowl commercial, saying it has the most cars on the road in  the U.S. with over 100,000 miles logged of any automaker. 

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Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Nissan NV200

When Nissan won the ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ contract from New York City with its new compact passenger van, it was obvious a retail version would follow. Although the 13,000 vehicles NYC requires is no small amount, Nissan would like to sell more; a lot more. So the manufacturer created the NV200, a version of this van available to retail customers.

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2014 Mercedes Sprinter: Product Preview

What does Mercedes-Benz have in common with facial tissue and soda pop?

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How to Appear in Toyota's Next Superbowl Ad

Toyota is offering fans the chance to appear in its Superbowl commercial this year in a spot starring the Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco.

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2014 Ford Transit Connect: A People-Focused Salvo Into the Commercial Van Market

Ford made several important product announcements at a media event in Detroit this morning. Borrowing from its global portfolio, the Dearborn-based automaker is bringing an impressive array of commercial vehicles to the North American market, including a brand-new version of the Transit Connect.

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Chevy Volt European Ads Banned for Misleading Claim

The distinction between a hybrid and a range-extended hybrid is still confusing to some people, and GM’s European branch, Vauxhall, is getting in some hot water after misleading people in ads for the Ampera, sister car to the Volt.

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Toyota GT 86 Saves the Oppressed in New Commercial

Scion’s FR-S is known as the  Toyota GT 86 in Europe, and in this animated commercial from the UK, an Orwellian world is portrayed where pixelated people do not get to feel alive, and the FR-S becomes their salvation. 

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Fiat 500 'Immigrants' Commercial Sacrificed 6 Cars

Fiat’s latest commercial, “Immigrants,” gives a cinematic portrayal of the 500 making its journey from Italy to the U.S., but as anyone who watched it will know, several cars were apparently sacrificed in the process.

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Fiat 500T Possibly Revealed in New Commerical

Fiat has unveiled a new commercial today, called “immigrants”, showing off the Fiat 500 and its birth in America. It also looks like the company let a snapshot slip of the new Fiat 500T. 

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New Nissan Slogan Debuts With Altima, Four New Commercials

Expect a new ring to Nissan’s commercials: After two years of proclaiming “innovation for all,” the brand is changing its tune.

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Scion FR-S Extended Cut Commercial Debuts

Scion insists that ‘driving is back’ and with it’s latest commercial of the FR-S, its hard to argue. 

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New Ford Commercial Ditches Logo, Doesn't Mention Brand

In an interesting marketing tactic, Ford‘s latest commercial uses an unusual scheme to get attention: it doesn’t mention the brand at all.

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Fiat Airs New Commercials Starting Tonight

Cocaine, beautiful women and tiger blood — these things can compel a man to insane acts, not the least of which is driving a Fiat 500 at speed through a house.

That’s one image Italian automaker, Fiat, is hoping to portray (fun and youth not drugs and depravity), but the Charlie Sheen “House Arrest” commercial is one of two ads that will air for the first time tonight. The second, called “Baby” is a little more subtle in its appeal.

The spot features two men driving to a show with, as you may guess, a baby in the back of the car. The two men are discussing the seats, you see the driver working the manual transmission and then they find themselves stuck behind an old man in a generic Italian mafia car driving very slowly.

The Fiat pulls out to pass while the old man shoots a dirty look their way, inadvertently catching the baby’s gaze. In that moment, the child utters the same Italian phrase we heard supermodel Catrinel Menghia repeat during the Abarth superbowl ad, which means “what are you looking at?”

The old man looks shocked as the two men and baby pull away. We can’t say when the ad will air, just that it’s set for both local broadcast and network TV. That said, the ads probably won’t air during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy given their male-oriented nature.

Watch both the new “Baby” ad and “House Arrest” below.

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