Chevrolet Volt Recommended By Consumers Reports

The Chevrolet Volt has made Consumers Reports list of “recommended” vehicles after scoring above average on their 2011 Annual Auto Survey.

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Consumers Reports Announces Best Car For Fatties

It’s always painful to drag out the tired “fat Americans” canard that so many smug Europeans like to bust out everytime your criticize their 35 hour workweek, but the truth is, many Americans are on the larger side.

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Consumers Reports Releases List Of Best Cars For Teens, Devoid Of Supercars Or Pickups

For most teenagers, a list of cars most suitable for their age group would likely be made up of low slung Italian droptops or monstrous pickup trucks. But for all but a few lucky “My Super Sweet 16” participants, the fact is that something more bland is in the cards for young drivers.

That’s not to say that Consumers Reports picks are boring. They may not be flashy, but cars like the Mazda3 and Acura TSX let you have some fun behind the wheel, and even the Honda Accord has a bit of agility while being practical enough to hold 5 adults and their stuff. Interestingly, Consumers Reports did include on truly fast car on their list of Best Cars for Seniors, the Subaru Forester XT. With a 2.5L turbocharged flat-four, the Forester XT will spirit grandma and grandpa to the early-bird special in no time. Perhaps teenagers are better off borrowing grandma and grandma’s ride rather than getting their own.

[Source: Consumers Reports]

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Consumers Reports Compiles List Of Cars Still Available With Manual Transmission

Car and Driver’s campaign to “Save the Manuals” campaign is spreading, with Consumers Reports doing their part for the movement by compiling a comprehensive list of all new cars available with a manual gearbox.

A few years ago, you could find some real oddities with a stick shift – a BMW X5 for example. Now, the list is largely what you’d expect; compact pickups, economy cars, the occasional luxury sedan with sporting pretensions, and of course, performance cars.

But there is one totally-out-of-left-field choice on the list that stands out from the others; the Mercury Milan (though not the hybrid pictured above), which can be had with a stick like its Ford Fusion counterpart. Better act fast if you want one.

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[Source: Consumers Reports]

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Consumers Reports Released List Of 10 Best Cars For Teen Drivers

Just like the title says, the venerable magazine Consumers Reports has released its list of cars suitable for teen drivers, and absolutely none of them will make the budding enthusiast glow with delight.

Of course, Consumers Reports is primarly concerned with safety when it comes to cars for first time drivers, so their choices are swayed by features like Electronic Stability Control, curtain airbags and the like.  The choices are split between pedestrian fare like the Toyota Camry and Saturn Aura, and older luxury cars like the Acura RL or the BMW 3 and 5 Series. As the magazine astutely points out, older luxury cars will be a little nicer and come with a wide array of safety gear, but repairs will certainly be costly.

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[Source: Consumers Reports]

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Lexus Resumes Sales Of GX460, Soccer Moms Denied Opposite Lock Hoonage

Lexus has resumed selling its awesome drift-wagon full-sized GX460 SUV, with a new software update for the stability control system. The “stop-sale” order was given after Consumers Reports magazine deemed the GX460 unsafe and put it on the magazines “Do Not Buy” list, after the GX460 oversteered during Consumer Reports’ “Throttle Lift Test.”

Astute readers will know that if you throw any car into a corner at a brisk pace and lift off the gas, you will get some heroic oversteer. An SUV with a big V8 and a high center of gravity is no exception to this rule. It’s impossible to know the full story behind the scandal, but GX460 owners should breathe easier now than an official fix has been released.

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