Chrome-Wrapped Camaro and Audi TT Laugh at Subtlety, Good Taste [video]

Tintek, a tuning company from the Czech Republic, specializes in wrapping sports cars with unique finishes. And while matte finishes are all the rage right now, there’s no denying that certain enthusiasts prefer something more flashy…like chrome.

In order to showcase their newest product that features some proprietary technology, Tintek has released a video showing off a chrome-wrapped Chevy Camaro and Audi TT.

While we don’t really expect chrome and gold chrome wraps to take off here in America, it’s interesting to see the trends overseas for those looking for something on the opposite end of subtle. We have to admit, both the TT and Camaro look pretty nice decked out in full chrome; and if your goal is to be seen, this is probably a very good option for you.

[Source: GT Spirit]

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Tatra V8-Powered Trabant Drift Car Is An Awesome Sight

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