EcoBoost Mustang GT Spied? Probably Not

For: The car sports a front bumper that looks designed to work with an intercooler. Inside the car there’s a “premium fuel only” sticker and a tachometer that stops at an alarmingly high 9000 rpm. Plus, Ford has said the EcoBoost technology will end up in almost all of its vehicles, and they already have a rear-drive versions – as found in the current 2011 F-150.

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2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty Getting Upgrade to 800 FT-LBS of Torque

Already boasting class-leading payload and towing, Ford has now increased the 2011 F-Series Super Duty‘s engine output to ensure it has class-leading numbers in all areas. Originally launched with 390-hp and 735 ft-lbs of torque, Ford is upgrading the truck to deliver 400-hp and 800 ft-lbs of torque. Better yet, owners who already purchased one of the lower-output 2011 models will be able to get a free upgrade from their Ford dealer.

“These numbers are impressive, yes, but that is not why they matter,” Samardzich said. “These numbers matter because our customers say they do. The higher torque means that fleet operators, such as Florida Power & Light, can plow through deep swamps and get to downed power lines faster and more confidently. It means that oil and gas crews in the Northwest can tow up an 8,000-foot grade maintaining a steady speed and using less fuel.”

In addition, F-350 dual rear-wheel (DRW) models will get upgrades that include an increased max payload from 6,520 to 7,070 and a max fifth-wheel tow rating set at 22,600 lbs, up from 21,600 lb.

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Report: Watch Out Mercedes E63 Estate, Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon Confirmed

Say you’re shopping for a new car but you have to pretty strict requirements: you need plenty of cargo room, and the ability to hit 60 mph in about 4 seconds. Cadillac has just the car for you! According to a recent report in Car& Driver, GM product boss Bob Lutz has confirmed that the 556-hp CTS-V will be available as wagon.

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