580 HP Supercharged Audi R8

After releasing a wild aero kit (called the Razor) for the Audi R8 last year, PPI Design has now unleashed the Razor GTR, a full carbon body R8. Plus, thanks to a supercharger it now makes 580hp – up significantly from the stock 420. Torque also gets a boost with 442 ft-lbs now available at 6200 rpm.

Through the Razor’s extensive body modifications PPI managed to shave off 551 lbs of weight. Carbon fiber has been used for the front and rear bumpers, wider fenders, side skirts and hood. The rear engine cover panels have also been replaced with carbon fiber ram-air intake ducts and the rear glass has been swapped out for a lighter Makrolon cover.

Additional weight savings are due to the use of DyMag carbon/magnesium wheels.

The reduction in weight and addition of horsepower make for an impressive increase in performance. PPI claims the Razor GTR can hit 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and blast on to a top speed of 206 mph!

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