2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Pricing Announced

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is now on sale at U.S. dealers.

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Batman's Next Daily Driver is Going to Be a Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz has announced its vehicles will star in the upcoming Justice League movie.

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2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is Larger, More Luxurious

Mercedes-Benz has continued its tradition of offering luxury convertibles with a classic fabric soft top.

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What to Expect at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is right around the corner and there are many debuts to get excited about.

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Mercedes Will Complete the New E-Class Family in March

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet will bow at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible Spied Looking Like a Baby S-Class

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible is shaping up to look like a smaller version of the S-Class convertible.

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2014 Mercedes E-Class Showcased in Mega Gallery

Updated for the 2014 model year, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class proves to be as photogenic as ever in a mega gallery of photos the German automaker recently released.

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Carlsson Tunes Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Well this is really no surprise from Carlsson. Having already released a tuning package for the sedan, we knew a Cabriolet version wouldn’t be far off. Mercedes-Benz has really done a fantastic job changing the E-Class from mundane luxury sedan to sporty coupe and convertible, filling voids and increasing the breadth of the E-Class moniker. And Carlsson’s tuning kit brings much of the same consistency we can expect from their reputable brand.

Targeted towards the E350 CDI, a C-Tronic Diesel Power plug-and-play ECU increases horsepower from 231-hp to 280-hp. Torque skyrockets from 400 ft-lbs to close to 480 ft-lbs. Impressive indeed, especially at the price of $2,300. Sport mufflers are available for $2,950 giving the E-Class Cabriolet a nice, sporty and throatier tone.

On the exterior is classic Carlsson styling that is often seen on many Mercedes-Benz models. There is a front spoiler, front spoiler lip, and rear spoiler available as subtle enhancements to the exterior. Lowering springs and Carlsson’s signature wheels are also available – which is expected and almost assumed with any tuning package.

And of course there are your interior upgrades including a new shifter, door pins, floor mats and pedals. Of course these all carry a pretty price premium. All of it will run you around $900.

GALLERY: Carlsson Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Official press release available after the break.

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Sex and the City 2 Takes a Joy Ride in Mercedes-Benz's Maybach Line

After a two-year hiatus, the girls from Sex and the City are back, and they’ve brought a few new friends with them. No, it’s not a few dozen pairs of Jimmy Choos (although, they do make an appearance). Sharing the screen with these 40-somethings is Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-luxurious Maybach line.

Fitting right into the exclusive lifestyle of style icons Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, the all-new E-Class Convertible, the S400 Hybrid Sedan, the G-Class SUV and Maybach sedan are going along for the ride this time around as the ladies escape from New York.

“Based on the success of the first movie and its ability to attract trendsetters and style-makers, Sex and the City 2 is a natural fit for Mercedes-Benz,” says Steve Cannon, Vice President of Marketing, Mercedes-Benz USA. “The movie provides a great stage for us; it showcases our new eco-friendly flagship S-Class, ruggedly sophisticated G-Class and ultra luxury Maybach line in their natural elements. It also perfectly positions the new E-Class Convertible just as it arrives in showrooms.”

Mercedes is also promoting the E-Class Cabriolet in an ad campaign that partners with the movie, sporting the tagline: “Stylish Enough for Carrie, Luxurious enough for Charlotte, Smart enough for Miranda and fast enough for Samantha.” And if you get it silver, the E-Class will go with every outfit.

Read the complete Press Release after the jump:

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Brabus Goes Topless With E-Class Cabriolet

We’ll say it since everyone’s thinking it. Mercedes-Benz is really milking this generation E-Class for all it’s worth. First the sedan was released to much praise; then the coupe comes out and everyone rejoices, and now the cabriolet. But who benefits more from Mercedes-Benz’s continual segmentation from their E-Class? Brabus of course!

After releasing tuning packages for both the sedans and the coupes, their natural progression is over to the cabriolet. And this time they’ll have everything ready for the vehicle’s market launch. Clearly this luxury convertible screams sportiness which is what Brabus built off of: exclusive, sporty and highly individual.

All Brabus tuning packages are comprehensive from bumper to bumper, engine to interior and this package is no different. Starting with engine upgrades, various packages are available based on the E-Class model. We’ll skip over the boring E 250 CDI, CGI and E 350 CDI, CGI and go straight to the E500 (E550 in North America). A stroker kit increases displacement of 5.5-liters to 6.1-liters, which starts the bottom end modifications. New cylinder heads with special camshafts are paired up to the V8 block while bolt-ons include a Brabus stainless-steel exhaust system and high-performance catalytic converters. And of course the ECU is re-programmed. This program throws down 462-hp with 453 ft-lbs of torque. That’s good for 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds!

An aerodynamic package is manufactured from high-quality Pur-R-Rim plastics which resembles OEM quality – just what we’d expect from Brabus. A front spoiler incorporates daytime LED running lights while front sport fenders sports some air vents. The rear diffuser is setup to incorporate the Brabus quad-tip exhaust.

As always, plenty of wheels can be selected from Brabus from 17- to 19-inch with a recommended staggered 19-inch setup sporting 235/35/19 and 275/30/19 sized tires. Brabus did hint that 20-inch wheels are on the horizon. Lowering options are available from sport springs (1.2-inch) to adjustable coilovers with variable damper rates.

Never to overlook any aspect, Brabus six-piston aluminum calipers with 14.2-inch slotted and drilled rotors in the front while the rear sports four-piston calipers. And if your wallet is still full after all this, talk to them about some custom interior upgrades. You know you wanna.

GALLERY: Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Official press release after the jump:

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Detroit 2010: First Live Photos of Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes chose a frigid day in Detroit to launch the convertible version of its all-new E-Class model. The E-Class Cabriolet extends the E-Class range to four models, which also include the sedan, coupe and wagon/estate.

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Detroit Preview: Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet Revealed Ahead of Official Debut

Mercedes has just released full details and a large selection of photos of its latest model, the E-Class Cabriolet, which will officially debut at the Detroit Auto Show in just a few weeks – a very convertible unfriendly time of year.

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