GM's All-New Ecotec Engine Family Detailed

General Motors unveiled its brand-new family of Ecotec small-displacement engines at its Powertrain Headquarters in Pontiac, Mich. this morning. The lineup will include 11 separate powerplants in both three- and four-cylinder configurations.

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New GM Three and Four Cylinder Engines Introduced

With a focus on fuel efficiency and power density, General Motors has introduced a new range of three and four-cylinder engines that will be used in 27 new vehicles by 2017.

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GM Debuts New Three-Cylinder Turbo Engine

General Motors unveiled its 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine bound initially for the Opal Adam city car ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show debut. 

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2014 Buick Verano Slated for 1.6L Turbo

Buick will replace the 2.4-liter naturally aspirated Ecotec engien currently found in the Buick Verano with a turbocharged 1.6-liter unit for the 2014 model year.

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Turbocharged Cars Don't Live Up to Fuel-Economy Hype Says Consumer Reports

Vehicle quality was not the only thing making news when Consumer Reports unveiled the r esults of its latest reliability study in Detroit earlier this week. Amongst the issues highlighted by the consumer publication were real world fuel economy and forced induction engine technology.

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New Four-Cylinder Drag Racing World Record Set at 6.71 – Videos

Drag racing just isn’t what it used to be these days, but records are still being set with some more noteworthy than others. This is one of those records, as an Ecotec-powered four-cylinder drag car has set a record for fastest four-cylinder quarter mile with a 6.71 @ 207 mph.

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GM Announces New Ecotec Engine, Phases Out Old Four Cylinder

Fuel mileage, horsepower and overall performance are key ingredients in the recipe for any successful car these days.

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GM Unveils New Small Displacement Engine Family

General Motors unveiled their new family of small displacement engines, a group of three and four cylinder engines ranging from 1.0L to 1.5L in displacement. The engines were designed in concert largely with GM’s Chinese subsidiaries.

GM didn’t divulge which vehicles will get the new engines, but did say that North America won’t be an initial market for the three-cylinder  engines. GM was also tight-lipped about the specifics of the engines, only stating “they will feature lightweight design and advanced technologies such as direct injection, turbocharging and alternative fuel compatibility” as well as “…[being] designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness.”

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General Motors To Launch Revised 2.0L Ecotec 4-Cylinder Turbo Engine

General Motors much loved LNF engine, the same 2.0L Ecotec that powered the Pontiac Solstice GXP, Saturn Sky Redline and Chevrolet Cobalt SS is continuing on in the Buick Regal Turbo and Buick Regal GS, but a new generation of turbocharged 4-cylinder motor is set to replace the LNF next year, packing even more power.

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2012 Buick Regal GS Rated at 270-HP and 295 Lb-Ft of Torque

The all-new 2012 Buick Regal GS arrives this fall and will pack a serious punch. The GS has ow officially been rated at 270-hp and 295 lb-ft of torque and achieves a 0-60 mph time of 6.7 seconds. For the record, that’s 15 more horsepower than originally claimed.

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General Motors Investing $100 Million Into Ecotec Engine Production in Michigan

General Motors is pumping $109 million into its Ecotec program in Michigan, in order to support ongoing production of the 1.4-liter engine shared by three Chevrolet models as well as keeping/adding 96 jobs in Michigan.

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Cadillac To Add Four-Cylinder Engines To Lineup

The days of multiple supercharged V8s for Cadillac look to be ending as GM’s luxury division is now mulling four-cylinder engines on multiple product lines.

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Fisker Considering Lighter Weight Range-Extending Engine For Next Gen Hybrids

What’s one simple way to extend range on the next-gen Fisker gasoline-electric powered car? Cut pork from the gasoline-engine side of the equation by using a lighter-weight, three- or four-cylinder engine.

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2011 Chevrolet Cruze Pricing Announced, Base Car To Start At $16,995

The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is an important car for General Motors, with Chevrolet positioning the car as both a premium and compact car, something many Americans deem to be mutually exclusive. With advanced powertrains, a high quality interior and exterior styling that doesn’t scream “rental car”, Chevrolet has chosen to price the Cruze just a little bit higher than the competition, with prices starting at $16,995 for the base LS, which comes with a 138-horsepower 1.8L four-cylinder and a 6-speed manual transmission, airbags galore bags, traction control, OnStar and keyless entry. For $18,995, you can get either the LT version with the 1.4L Turbo engine and a 6-speed automatic, or the “Eco” version, which substitutes a 6-speed manual for the slushbox, low-rolling resistance tires and a special bodykit designed to reduce drag.

The top level Cruze will set you back $22,695, a decent sum for a compact car, but you’ll get options like  leather seats, Bluetooth, a a USB port for the car’s audio system, rear-parking assist and 18-inch wheels, all of which are pretty grown-up features for an economy car.

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Breaking: Buick Teases Smaller Enclave, Promises Plug-In Hybrid Model On Its Way

Buick has just released a teaser image of a new entry-level luxury crossover that will slot in underneath the Enclave. Normally word of a new model is news enough, but GM has decided to increase our expectations of its new model by announcing that it will be offered with a version of the Volt’s Voltec plug-in hybrid system.

This will make the new crossover the first plug-in hybrid SUV on the market.

The new five-passenger crossover will go on sale next year with PHEV models on sale in 2011. The conventional gasoline models will be offered with a choice of two engines: a direct-injection 2.4-liter turbocharged Ecotec four-cylinder or a direct-injection 3.0-liter V6. The Ecotec motor is expected to deliver 30 mpg on the highway.

The Buick PHEV will use a battery pack roughly half the size and power of the one found in the Volt and be mated to a 3.6-liter V6 FexFuel engine, indicating that the Buick hybrids will follow the Lexus philosophy of using the hybrid powertrain to deliver high-performance with reduced fuel-consumption. Similarly, it appears, Chevy models like the Volt will follow the Toyota model of delivering maximum fuel-efficiency.

The Buick PHEV will be able to be recharged fully in 4 to 5 hours through a conventional 110V household outlet and will be ale to travel up to 10 miles on pure electric power (at low speeds).

“Buick has always been at the forefront of new technology, so it is only fitting that the brand should debut our new plug-in hybrid technology in a beautiful new crossover,” said Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman of product development. “This will firmly put Buick, and GM, front and center in the advanced technology game.”

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