Tesla Preps To Produce Next Generation EVs At The NUMMI Plant

Tesla Motors has planned to begin building prototypes of its Model S electric sedan in the third quarter at the NUMMI plant located in Fremont, Calif, which was acquired from Toyota last year.

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Toyota Prius, Venza and Sienna Recalled

Toyota has announced a recall on 52,000 2001-2003 Prius’ as well as a handful of Venza and Sienna vehicles.

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Reborn Electric Audi A2 Will Be Produced
2011 Lexus CT200h Receives IIHS Top Safety Pick Award
Toyota Prius Family To Grow Even Larger

The Toyota Prius family could grow even larger as the automakers studies additional versions of the three row Prius.

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Mercedes E300 Bluetec Diesel Hybrid Could Come to America

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that its E300 Bluetec Hybrid is on the way and will hit showrooms in Europe by the end of 2012. While it hasn’t been confirmed for a U.S. launch, execs also haven’t ruled it out.

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Chevrolet Volt Sales Limited For April

General Motors had limited the sales of the Chevrolet Volt for April as the brand is bumping up supplies of demonstration models. Cristi Landy, Chevrolet marketing director said in a statement “It’s tough to limit the number of Volts for sale to potential customers when demand is so strong, but the Volt has value to the Chevrolet portfolio well beyond incremental sales,”

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Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles is the Future Say Experts

Wireless-induction charging of vehicles and plug-in hybrids is likely to become common within the automotive industry say EV experts. “We believe it’s not a matter of if but when wireless charging will be in all (electric) vehicles,” Laura Marino of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory stated during a recent Automotive Power Electronics conference.

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Honda Developing Hybrid Goldwing Motorcycle

Honda is apparently developing a hybrid version of their Goldwing motorcycle, a first in the two-wheeled world. A drawing that was attached to Honda’s patent filing seems to show a near replica of their Goldwing touring motorcycle.

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Volvo V60 Plug-in Diesel Hybrid Wagon: Geneva Auto Show Preview

Volvo has unveiled a plug-in diesel hybrid version of its V60 wagon ahead of the Geneva Auto Show, which promises to do for fuel spending what Atkins did for bread consumption.

The diesel hybrid takes Volvo’s 2.4-liter inline-five turbodiesel, pumping out 215 horsepower and 324 lb-ft of torque and adds an electric motor to the back wheels: a 70-horsepower motor powered by a 12 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, controlling what Volvo calls the Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD).

With two engines and AWD, the V60 hybrid can run on “Pure” mode for 32 miles on just the electric motor. With “Hybrid” mode activated, it’s good for a range of 746 miles, and in full-attack “Power” mode the V60’s two engines hustle to 60mph in 6.9 seconds. That’s what 472 lb-ft of torque combined will do for a family hauler.

The V60 hybrid will debut in Geneva in a few weeks. Click the jump for video of the diesel-hybrid.

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RUF Developing Three Electric Porsche Prototypes

Don’t label RUF Automobiles as a mere Porsche tuner. They install enough of their own parts in Porsche bodies to be considered by the German government to be an independent manufacturer. And while Porsche is experimenting with electricity on their own, RUF has beaten them to the punch, with three different electric drivetrains, stuffed in ten Porsche testers, with help from electronics giant Siemens and the German government.

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2012 BMW ActiveE - The 1-Series Goes Electric

Ahead of the Geneva show, BMW has unveiled their first electric vehicle, the ActiveE: a 1-Series coupe that’s good for 170 horsepower, 184 pound-feet of torque, and 100 miles on a single charge.

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Volkswagen To Launch New Fuel-Sipper Concept at Qatar Motor Show

Car companies pay close attention to the Middle-East market, but it’s usually in relation to high-priced exotics and luxury cars.

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Silly Wabbit, Audi E-Tron Is For Kids – On An Adult Budget

If you are the extraordinarily wealthy parent of an over-indulged child that loves pre-WWII race cars, then boy do we have something for you.

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Toss the Keys of Rebellion To Your Kids By Buying 'Em A Camaro

There’s nothing that quite says America than an iconic candy apple-red Chevy Camaro. No, not the idyllic America of 1950s and 60s with its apple pies, white picket fences, and Ivy League educational standards, we’re talking America of the ’70s and ’80s—long hair flowing down a ripped and torn denim jacket, a middle finger to the world, and a G.E.D. with a honors in something called a backseat education (heh, heh, heh).

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