JuiceBox Smart Electric Vehicle Charging: Everything You Need to Know

It’s become a common refrain by now that “last year was the best year yet for electric vehicle sales,” and even after a downturn for the industry as a whole, EV adoption continues to rise as more and more consumers see a bright future in going electric.

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Volvo Pushes for Standardized EV Charging

Volvo is calling on its fellow automakers to join the Swedish brand in developing a standardized system for charging electric cars. 

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Tesla Supercharger Network Reaches NY to LA

Tesla Model S owners can now drive from New York to Los Angeles without paying to charge their car as long as they’re happy to follow a meandering route. 

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Volvo Launches ELVIIS to Streamline Public EV Recharging Process

The dawn of a new era is upon us with electric vehicle charging and it appears that Swedish automaker Volvo wants to help streamline the recharging process for owners out in public looking for juice for their EV. The project, titled Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure (ELVIIS) is being kicked off with the help of Ericsson, Göteborg Energi, and the Viktoria Institute.

The goal of the project is to make EVs rechargeable at any outlet with the owner of the car automatically getting billed for the energy usage. Currently, the ELVIIS project will help direct owners to an outlet via GPS where they can preset charge times through their vehicle’s infotainment system or a mobile device like a smartphone. The vehicle can then communicate with the respective utility company to help minimize grid usage for lower electrical rates. Through the wonders of technology, the vehicle’s owner would then have the energy used charged on their own electrical bill.

Volvo is lending a helping hand with five C30 Electrics as demo vehicles, all of which are equipped with a new 7-inch touchscreen in the dash. The team will monitor and evaluate the project over this year and it will be interesting to see if this sort of integration makes its way to production models.

Watch the video after the break.

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Walgreens To Add Electric Car Chargers To Its Stores

So far, 60 stores across the country have been upgraded with Level 3 chargers, which can refill a Nissan Leaf to 80% of full capacity in just half an hour. These stores are in Chicago and Texas, but Walgreens locations in Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, New York, and Washington DC are expected to get them as well.

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